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Our Pixy Natural Skincare beauty product range is made in Ireland for you from pure natural ingredients.

We only use nature's best in all our beauty products including moisturising shea butter and healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. We use essential oils, for their amazing fragrance - some energise you, others bring you back in harmony to calm you and soothe away the stress. Pixy is sheer indulgence leaving your skin glowing and renewed.

On top of all that our fizzing bath bombs, soaps, vibrant shower mousses and beauty gift sets are affordable so everyone can join in!


Featured Products

  1. Glowing Body Butter Beauty Products

    Glowing Body Butter

    Our lightly whipped Glowing Body Butter is just overflowing with the goodness of cocoa and shea butters to soften and enrich your skin, with apricot oil which closely matches your skin, conditioning coconut and vitamin E oils, to keep your skin as soft as can be, with a delightful jasmine fragrance and a hint of mica to leave you glowing.