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FEB 2014

Pixy Natural Skincare Review

Pixy Natural Skincare
I was a very lucky lady this week and I recieved some gorgeous products from Pixy Natural Skincare. What I love about this product range is that it is irish and made from pure natural ingredients. With bath bombs, soaps, body creams, scrubs, cleansers, oils and so much more to choose from you are bound to find something for you or a loved one!

Pixy Peppermint Foot Cream & Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub

So the first product I am going to review is the Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub. I filled a basin with some warm water and soaked my feet a little to soften them up. I suffer from a small amount of dry skin on my heels (as most women do) so this is the area I focussed on mostly. I used the loofah side to scrub at the bottom of both my feet and then used the upper side along the top of my feet and OH MY GOD the difference!!! The beautiful thing about this product is that not only does it contain softening cocoa butter and the deeply moisturising almond oil but it also has a distinct lavender and ceaderwood scent which is proven to relieve stress! For the totally affordable price of €8.95 you can get salon results at home! Below is a photo of my sisters foot before rinsing. It also shows the loofah side of the product. If feet gross you out then look away now!!!! ;) 

Loofah Foot Scrub €8.95

So next up is the Pixy Peppermint Foot Cream . This is without doubt the perfect partner for you Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub. The minute I opened the product I was hit by the refreshing and vibrant smell of peppermint!  It is available in pixy stores and online for €9.95 and can also be purchased along with the scrub as a duo for €16.95! This really is the ultimate foot treatment to make your feet feel fresh and light. You will be like a new woman! Why not get a few of the girls together and pamper each other?? PS. It's also available in coconut. 

Pixy Bath Bombs in Tutti Frutti & Lime

 So moving away from feet next up is the Pixy Bath Bombs . These are a little touch of heaven!! The scents I recieved are tutti frutti (which is a personal favourite) and lime. Fill your bath and pop them in and let your troubles fizz away! :) The smells are so vibrant AND they contain glitter. What girl doesn't love glitter?? Prices start at €3.95 and can also be bought in packs of three and five so they make amazing gifts...or a great excuse for some me time. 

Pixy Glowing Body Butter
So last but definitely not least is the Pixy Glowing Body Butter. This product is probably my favourite of the lot and honestly I'm not a body cream lover. I find it a chore to rub it in BUT this product converted me. Not only is it light as air but it smells divine!!!! It feels as soft as whipped cream. It is full of cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil which will not only leave your skin soft as a baby but it will leave you glowing. For €12.99 it is a can smell the quality even before you use it. Apply a small amount to dry skin and rub in well for the best results. Love, love, LOVE this product. 

So to round up... 
If it wasn't obvious from reading above I am now a massive fan of Pixy Natural Skincare products and I will be ordering more soon!!! Another plus is that you get FREE delivery within Ireland if your order is more than €10. 
If shopping online isn't an option for you then find your nearest stockist here
*All products mentioned above can be purchased by following the links*

To follow us or Pixy Natural Skincare follow the links below.

Scrubbed up & smelling fab,
Mel. Xo


 Dec 2013



gifts review from bows

Honeysuckle Soap Review

by Bows and Pearls 04/12/13    - Beauty blogger


It's like using a piece of art, I received this amazingly pretty soap in my Pixy pamper hamper which you can check out here - link
now I'm not going to lie but all my attention went towards the soap, it was the shimmer and glitter that was used to adorn the soap that literally made my jaw drop.
natural soap

Product description

Our Honeysuckle Soap contains rich cocoa butter and macadamia oil to deeply moisturise your skin, it is great for all skin types but is particularly beneficial for dry or ageing skin. With a sheen of glitter and a summer-fresh honeysuckle fragrance, this is a beautiful bar!
I do not even need to describe how pretty it is, the picture says it all.
The scent is so scrummy! You can detect notes of the cocoa butter and macadamia oil within the honeysuckle scent. It is quite over powering but since this is handmade you are assured that none of the ingredients are artificial.
This really lathered up well, producing alot of foamy bubbles which made my hands feel extremely soft and pampered.
My hands were left squeaky clean and the scent still lingered on my skin for a bit too!

This makes a lovely gift too! Though it is one pricey soap, it is worth it for the shimmery/glittery goodness and the really natural ingredients because it is beneficial for your skin :) 

Pixy Honeysuckle Soap €5.95



 Nov 2013


gifts review from bows

Unwind with a Pixy Christmas Gift Set

by Bows and Pearls 23/11/13    - Beauty blogger


Waking up to a hamper like this left me feeling pretty surprised, recently I was sent this lovely hamper by an Irish skincare brand called Pixy Natural.
Pixy believe in pure and natural ingredients for their skincare products, read on to find out more about this interesting company.
Christmas Gift Sets

"We use nature’s best in our products including moisturising shea butter, cocoa butter, fast-absorbing sweet almond oil and healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. Our Irish beauty products use essential oils for their amazing fragrance; some energise you, others bring you back in harmony to calm you and soothe away stress.
The fragrant aromas entice you, the rich colours enchant you and the natural ingredients make the Pixys’ products gentle, effective and soft on your skin.
True to nature, the Pixys shun any ingredients tested on animals, they use only the minimum amount of natural preservative needed to keep everything in peak condition for you to enjoy, and bring you a skincare experience that will leave you confident that whatever you wash away will not disturb Mother Nature’s delicate balance. 
All Pixy product containers are 100% recyclable and Pixy does it’s duty in protecting the environment."

And what better way to familiarise myself with the brand than to try a range of products!
In the hamper I recieved 4 products :)
- Lavender bath bomb
- Honeysuckle soap
- Muscle soothing bath salts
- Lime body scrub cubes

I am excited to try out the bath bomb and the soap the most! ^^ I am a bath bomb fanatic and who could resist a pretty soap? ^^

Over the next few days I will be reviewing each product in more depth so you will get a better understanding of the products too :)

Have you tried any products from Pixy before?


Pixy Christmas Gift Sets from €4.95


Pixy Soothing Body Balm

by High Life of Mars 19/11/13    - Beauty blogger

So it’s never been a hidden fact that I really love the Irish skincare brand Pixy. So when I’m sent a new package or product to try, I’m one happy lady. The most recent product I was sent for review is their Soothing Body Balm (€12.99).


So like most of their lotions and potions, the Soothing Body Balm is packaged in a circular tin container. Now the first thing I noticed is that for a 100ml tin, it felt like air. But when I opened it up, I figured out why. The Soothing Body Balm looked a whipped moose formula, hence the super lightness of it. When you take some of the product into your hands it has a lovely light, bubbly moose texture. However as soon as you start slathering it on, it melts into an oil which soaks very quickly into your skin.  A little really goes a long way with this balm, as the tiniest amount will cover your whole arm.
You might only need to use a tiny amount of this product at a go but you notice a big difference. The ingredients, which include Cocoa and Shea butter, Vitamin E and Calendula Natural Oil, leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised. This would be the perfect body balm to help sooth dry skin conditions, especially coming into the winter. I used this all over my Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and legs and it made a noticeable difference to the dryness and texture of my skin.
So if all that wasn't enough for you, there is the scent of the Soothing Body Balm. The main ingredients that help to contribute to the overall fragrance of the balm are Ylang Ylang and lavender essential oils. I generally hate lavender scents but the combination with Ylang Ylang and all the other butters and oils gives it a soft, natural and not too overwhelming scent. In fact it’s the perfect kind of product to massage on after a hot shower or bath just before heading to bed. The fragrance is quite relaxing and the oils will do wonders for your skin overnight.
So that’s it for my review today. The Soothing Body Balm is yet another winner from Pixy. I feel like all I ever do is gush about how good Pixy products are, which I do. But that is because, having either been sent for review or bought by myself, I have not found a Pixy product I didn't like. That really is saying something!


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 



Pixy Natural Skincare - Giftsets under a Tenner

by Views from a Tin-   18/11/13    - Beauty blogger



With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to get the ball rolling 
and get on top of those pressies. Let me introduce you to Pixy Natural Beauty Products - natural handmade products made in Ireland with "no nasty parabens, no SLS, no ingredients made from animals and we don't test them on animals"
Christmas Gift sets
Pixy Indulge Gift Box : Lavender Bath Bomb, Honeysuckle Soap  Lime Body Scrub Cubes, Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

Pixy Pedi: cocoa-butter-drenched solid foot scrub and peppermint foot cream.

Pixy Enjoy Gift Box:  Bath Bomb,  Honeysuckle Soap  Lime Body Scrub Cubes Muscle Soothing Bath Salts.

Teddy & Bath Bomb: various colors depending on the bath bomb.

Mini Bath Bomb Set: five different bath bombs.

Pixy Tempting Gift Set: Scented heart-shaped gentle soap two mini bath bombs, a lip balm and lime body scrubs(that come in the shape of 4 hearts) Temptation has never looked so innocent!

FYI the lime cubes are fantastic at removing fake tan!
There is an array of products over on the Pixy site, they are super fast at shipping and its free on all orders over €10 in Ireland! You will also find a list of stockists nationwide that you can go in and have a browse!

Its nice to support our own so Buy Irish where possible


Check out their Chistmas Gift sets and ideas





Rainbow bears with bath bombs

by Dolly Dowsie-   11/11/13    - Beauty blogger

Chrismas Gift Set reviews


Pixy Natural recently launched their adorable range of rainbow bears and these little cuties are available in six bright colours, each bear hugging a divine smelling, large bath bomb whose contents correspond to the colour of it's individual bear. Each Pixy Natural Rainbow Bear comes simply wrapped in cellophane packaging, tied with a silver coloured string ribbon, a sweet little gift for someone special to you for Christmas, birthdays and general thank yous.

I was delighted to receive the Limelight bath bomb, my favourite from the mini Pixy Natural bath bombs I had previously tried.  These Rainbow Bear toting bath bombs now come with a new luxurious formula of moisturising honey and orris root powders which are a real treat for the skin. My particular Limelight bath bomb is a zingy, revitalising bomb infused with grapefruit and lime fragrances and sprinkled with glittery mica which explode in the bath to create an inviting atmosphere which is sure to relax you and wash away the strains of the day. I loved my relaxing bath with this, it was such a treat and the aromas of the bath bomb which filled up the bathroom were gorgeous, the scent lasted for ages afterwards too, I was in love with the sweet smell that filled up the room. After using this in my bath my skin was soft and supple, the honey and orris root powders had worked to leave my skin looking and feeling great.


 Pixy Natural's other Rainbow Bears are - yellow with a honey bath bomb, red, with another one of my favourites, tutti fruity bath bomb, orange with a citrus bath bomb, purple with a lavender bath bomb and pink with a strawberry bath bomb, as you can see there's something for everyone no matter what their mood may be. This is such a sweet little product, not only does your skin get a delightful treat from it all while you relax in a nice, hot bath but you're also left with a sweet little bear to remember your enjoyment by.


Check out their Chistmas Gift sets and ideas



Snap! Judgement: Pixy Soothing Body Balm

by Joanne Larby-   06/11/13    - Beauty blogger

 joanne larby Review of Pixy

I’ve been a fan of Pixy products for some time; with a natural ethos and wonderfully wide range, they’re an Irish brand to be proud of. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and as a result of short trips I’ve become a pro at packing light. These two terrific tins are ideal for bringing with you as an alternative to large tubs and bottles, they’re light and their contents is fluffy yet they pack a serious punch.

Pixy Soothing Body Balm €12.99 is described as a mixture of sweetness and light, oozing with goodness, brimming with nourishment, with a name that doesn’t do it justice. Most balms are heavy and rich, in contrast this product is extremely light and almost fluffy in texture, the tin is also light as a feather meaning it’s ideal to travel with. Although this marshmallow type melt is light, it’s perfect for preventing dull dry skin, protects and heals, meaning with this weather you no longer have to worry. With our skin being exposed to cold, free radicals, central heating, nylon tights that keep us nice and snug, skin has a hard time retaining and creating moisture, so naturally it’s prone to drying out. The light formulation is comprised of Cocoa and Shea Butters which are purely natural and encourage healthy skin cell growth that rejuvenates lethargic skin. Easily absorbed by the skin’s pores, the effects of these butters are instant, resulting in radiant looking skin. For extra deep healing and moisture penetration Calendula Natural Oil is added to the concoction; known for being ultra kind to the skin and hydrating parched patches. Blended into all the natural butters and oils, Ylang Ylang and Lavender Essential Oils work in harmony to stabilise sebum levels in the skin. Known for their antiseptic properties, Ylang Ylang and Lavender balance pores and help prevent nasty blackheads, adding to the beneficial properties of our fabulous Soothing Body Balm, not forgetting the most wonderful uplifting zingy scent they create. I generally apply this beautiful balm post shower or bath and massage a small amount into my skin, the product absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling super soft.


Pixy Glowing Body Butter €12.99 is another super lightweight feel, more of a mousse than a butter in my opinion, it almost feels empty when you carry it around. The reasoning behind choosing the name Butter is by virtue of the rich ingredients; Cocoa and Shea Butters. According to Pixy these natural butters when combined, nourish and soften the skin, and are so easily absorbed by the pores, that the skin drinks them up like your favourite milkshake on a hot day. 


Pixy’s Glowing Body Butter heals and nurses dry skin and rejuvenates elasticity with Apricot oil which is similar to sebum, your skin’s own natural moisturiser. To condition the skin with a lovely sheen, Coconut, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oils are mixed into this perfect potion. Full of antioxidants, these powerful oils protect against pollutants, toxins and bacteria, and are also known for removing excess salt and water, improving the pH balance in your skin. This butter also contains a stunning shimmer which is derived from a natural mineral source called Mica. Finely ground mica, with the beneficial effects of minerals, produces a healthy subtle shimmer on the skin, making it look very attractive and appealing with the added benefit of being natural. I generally apply this after my shower or bath before a night out; to achieve a J-LO glow this Pixy pot is perfect. Simply apply a small amount and massage onto areas you want your skin to subtly shine. The Jasmine fragrance also means won’t just shine, you’ll also smell divine too


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 

Pixy Natural's Glowing Body Butter is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 





 Oct 2013



by Ah Sur Tis Lovely -   16/10/13    - Beauty blogger


Today I have another tin of Pixy goodness to tell you about. I’ve told you before that I don’t usually have dry skin. I may have also mentioned once or twice (or ten times) that I am training for an adventure race which takes place on November 9th. It was particularly windy last Saturday while I was out hiking and cycling for four hours. To say my skin was a little dry when I got home is putting it mildly. While not quite suffering from frost bite, my hands weren’t far off chapped. Let’s just say I am more than grateful that the Pixy Soothing Body Balm was sent to me the week before too bad I hadn’t tried it before heading out.

xy’s Soothing Body Balm is packed full of all kinds of natural ingredients to protect, moisturise and heal the skin. It has Cocoa and Shea Butters along with Calendula Natural Oil for deep hydration. There is also Ylang Ylang and Lavender Essential Oils, which are antiseptic and help heal skin without blocking pores. While it’s called a balm, the texture is more like a light mousse, so it’s easy to apply and quickly absorbed, not to mention a little goes a long way. At €12.99 for 100ml its good value considering how little you need to cover a large area; a tin should last ages

I have been slathering this all over after my shower but I am also using it more regularly on my hands instead of my usual hand cream. My hands now look like Saturday never happened and the rest of my skin is also really soft and hydrated. I will definitely be continuing to use this to protect my skin from the cold and wind (along with getting proper full finger cycling gloves, of course).

Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 



by Make Up Monster -   14/10/13    - Beauty blogger


Irish brand Pixy are always bringing out tantalising new products but their latest Soothing Body Balm is my absolute favourite so far, a zingy, zesty mousse like moisturiser that smells divine and really moisturises the skin beautifully and leaves you smelling gorgeous at the same time. This is a total winner and at €12.99 it’s very fairly priced.



Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 




Snap! Judgement: Pixy Soothing Body Balm

by Bightandbeautyfull -   11/10/13    - Beauty blogger


I like me a balm, but find that on the bod, they can be a bit greasy. This has all the qualities of a balm, and finishes with a glow, but it doesn’t feel at all slimy. Its mousse-y texture feels very, very gentle, and you absolutely don’t need all that much to get excellent coverage.

I feel itchy all over just thinking about wintertime: this is a combination of bothcocoa and shea butter, which just sounds like a total itch-buster. It’s also gotcalendula, ylang ylang and lavender oil in there, which contributes to its balm-y qualities, and its lovely fragrance.

I am sold on this little tin of goodness, and am sure it is a future candidate for anI Used It All Up post…


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 



September Beauty Favourites - Video

by Make Up Over Mind 11/10/13    - Beauty blogger




Pixy Soothing Body Balm

by Cork News -   11/10/13    - Local Newspaper


Cork News Paper review on Pixy


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 


Beauty Favourites

by Make up over Mind-   11/10/13    - Beauty blogger

Orla from Make Up Over Mind put up a video on her blog with her favourites, one being Pixy Lip Balms. Head to 5.40 to hear about Pixy lip balms.


Go to Lip Balm page

Soothing Body Balm

by Dolly Dowsie -   10/10/13    - Beauty blogger


I wanted to share with you all another fantastic product from Pixy Natural, this time their Soothing Body Balm, a delightful, lightly whipped, mousse textured balm which is filled to the brim with all the goodness and nourishment your skin needs, especially with the colder months having well and truly arrived here in Ireland. I love the texture of this product, it's the same as the Glowing Body Butter which I have previously featured on the blog and it's like running your fingers through a bowl of whipped cream. It applies to the skin beautifully and absorbs quickly enriching your skin with all the goodness it needs to stay hydrated, protected and looking radiant. During the winter months my skin goes through a lot of beating from the wind, rain, indoor heating, etc and tends to get very dry, I can see this Soothing Body Balm becoming my skin's saviour this winter. 
Natural Beauty Products

The balm is made up of lots of nourishing treats for the skin from cocoa and Shea butters whisked together with Calendula natural oils, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils which all hydrate, moisturise, protect and heal the skin while giving it a gorgeous, uplifting and fresh mint-like scent. I have been using my Soothing Body Balm every night since I received it after my shower and the dry skin on my arms in gone. A little goes a long way with this product so only a little bit is needed to give beautiful looking skin. I think this is fantastic as my little tin will last a long time and longevity with a product is always a big plus for me, when you find a product you love you want it to last forever! Like with the other products from Pixy Natural I have tried I am super impressed by the benefits this product has given to my skin. Pixy Natural's products are filled to the brim with all of nature's goodness which are nothing but beneficial to skin and leave it looking beautiful, soft and at it's best.


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 

Pixy Soothing Body Balm - Luxe & Lovely for Stressed out Skin

by Cherry Sue in the Do -   09/10/13    - Beauty blogger


Less is definitely more when using Soothing Body Balm as just a touch goes a very long way indeed. The finish is very similar to the Glowing Body Butter in that it leaves a soft sheen on the skin and probably not the best for those wanting a product to completely soak in before dressing. 

My advice though? Use this to your advantage - having hopped from the shower/bath, pat yourself dry and slather yourself liberally with this luxurious balm - slip into your most comfy cotton pjs and off to the leaba with you. The soothing properties work just like spa moisture socks or gloves but on a much larger scale so you wake up, Benjamin Button style with the bod (skin) of a much younger lady. 

I've been using the Soothing Body Balm like this for a week now - two overnight uses - and my skin is brighter, feels nourished and is beautifully scented throughout the day. If you bring out the Moisture Onesie to match this balm, Pixy, I totally want royalties!


Pixy Natural's Soothing Body Balm is 12.99 for a 100ml tin 



PIXY NATURAL Skincare Softening Body Oil

by Ah Sure Tis Lovely -   02/10/13    - Beauty blogger

 Today I have the Pixy Skin Softening Oil to show you. If you have been following the blog then you will know that I usually only use body oils as a luxury treat or pamper because I don’t like having to wait around for a product to dry into the skin before I can get dressed, and also I don’t usually have dry skin. This was sent to me to try and the timing couldn’t be more perfect because I am training for an event that means I am spending extended periods of time being exposed to the elements while running, cycling and hiking regardless of whether it’s sunny, windy or raining. As the weather is only going to get colder and eventually frosty, this of course means my skin needs a little more TLC.

The Pixy Skin Softening Oil is packed full of natural goodness like jojoba oil, borage seed oil and apricot natural oil. All these help heal skin and keep it healthy by restoring moisture and soothing the skin. The best bit is its noncomedogenic meaning it doesn’t block pores. It’s also quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. This makes me very happy. As I said I don’t like waiting around for body products to dry in. It’s not that I’m super busy or anything, just impatient.

I also really like the scent; it’s quite musky and sensual with magnolia and jasmine. Then there is the adorable bottle. How cute is the dinky little glass bottle with flip clasp lid, it’s like a vintage milk bottle. This Skin Softening Oil really is a luxurious treatment for your skin. After I’ve used this I feel and smell like I’ve spent ages relaxing in the bath and hey if you do have the time for a long soak then don’t forget the Pixy Bath Bombs. They come in Lavender, Strawberry, Limelight, Tutti Fruity, Citrus, Honey and Coconut. I have to admit that I am a big fan of Pixy Natural products. I have yet to try a product from Pixy that I don’t like and they are Irish; always feels good to support local businesses. The Skin Softening Oil is €7.99 for 40ml.

Go to Body Softening Oil page



 Sept 2013



PIXY NATURAL Softening Body Oil

by Dolly Dowsie -   30/09/13    - Beauty blogger

I wanted to tell you all about another great product from one my favourite Irish brands, Pixy Natural. After being so impressed by the other products I had tried in their range I had high expectations of their Softening Body Oil, luckily I wasn't disappointed. I love the packaging of this product, the glass vial is so charming and I love the quaint lid and handle. I've been using this oil for a few weeks now and my vial is almost gone, that will prove to you just how much I've used it! The Softening Body Oil works by penetrating into the skin, nourishing it and improving elasticity making it perfect for people with ageing skin and also women like me who've just had a baby. The oil contains jojoba, apricot and borage seed oils which are great for the skin. I found this oil so sensual and the jasmine and magnolia fragrances are so relaxing, making this the perfect oil to massage into your skin before bed. Pixy Natural's Softening Body Oil has really improved the softness of my skin and unlike other oils which can leave you greasy this oil massages into the skin very quickly leaving no residue, a big bonus as I hate feeling like an oil slick afraid of touching anything made of material after applying these sorts of products. Once again I am so impressed with Pixy Naturals quality and the improvement and nourishment their product has given to my skin. I highly recommend the Softening Body Oil for anyone who want to give their skin a sensuous treat.


Pixy Natural's Softening Body Oil is €9.95 for 40ml. You can purchase the Softening Body Oil on the Pixy website where you can also browse through their other lovely products.

Go to Body Softening Oil page





by Asuretislovely -   23/09/13    - Beauty blogger

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder, it’s time to prepare for the winter. The weeks are flying by and the frost will be here before you know it. Now is the time to stock up on tinned goods. NO! I’m not talking about tomato soup and beans, I mean thes

These gorgeous little tins of goodness are from Pixy Natural Skincare. These were sent to me to try but I am already familiar Pixy Natural Skincare because I have purchased some of their gorgeous products. If you haven’t heard about Pixy yet, their products are handmade in Ireland from natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils. Their products are stocked in pharmacies across the country or you can purchase the full range from their website

Lip Balms

So first up I want to show you two lovely products for your hands; the Coconut Hand Cream and Lemon Cuticle Balm. While these are great products to use all year round they are especially important to have to hand in the cold weather when your digits are constantly exposed to the elements. Going from one extreme to next, from central heating to the cold frost, wreaks havoc on your poor handies. Both of these melt into the skin quickly without any greasiness. They moisturise and nourish the skin really well. They smell amazing! The scent is quite strong in the tin but fear not, the scent is far more subtle on the skin, but the scent does last a long time so I find myself sniffing my hands throughout the day, like a weirdo (weirdo and proud!). These two work perfectly and smell great together. The best bit is because they are made from natural oils, they are antibacterial. Take that colds and flues. (I only noticed that they are antibacterial while writing this post so now I will be using them even more since I’ve been meaning to get a sanitising hand gel because everyone around me seems to have some sort of bug lately.) The Coconut Hand Cream leaves my hands really soft and thanks to the Lemon Cuticle Balm my cuticles look better than they have in a long time.

Now on to the Lip Balms. I love these!  I had already purchased and have been using the Mint one for a while now so I was delighted to be sent some other flavours (all the flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Honey and Mint). A little goes a long way and a tin will last ages. When I first got the Mint Lip balm it quickly healed my chapped lips and they haven’t been chapped since. This is impressive considering I love getting outdoors for a run, cycle or hike. Cycling especially is an enemy of the lips but it’s not a problem anymore. I’ve only recently realised how important it is that our lip products are made from natural ingredients considering how much of the product we actually end up ingesting. Like all of Pixy’s other products these are made with natural ingredients such as beeswax and cocoa butter along with shea, almond, and vitamin E oils.

Spot on Prices

The Coconut Hand Cream is €9.99, The Lemon Cuticle Balm is €5.99 and the Lip Balms are €3.99 each. A little goes a long way with all these so they are good value for money. The great thing about all these products are that they are solids and that makes them handbag and (if you are lucky enough to be travelling) hand luggage friendly. Also the tins have screw caps so once you close them right, they can’t accidentally open in your handbag; they won’t ruin your handbag and can’t get ruined in your bag. Win, win.


Have you tried any Pixy products? What are your favourites?




Model Mayhem September 2013

Model Mayhem from Assets Model Agencys' with the Teenage Masterclass students delighted with their Pixy bath bombs.
See post. 

Model Mayhem




Vampy Autumn Lips

by Makeupovermind -   20/09/13    - Beauty blogger

We've had a pretty fabulous summer weather-wise so, for a nice change, I'm welcoming A/W with open arms! Although I've had my say on trends in the past, there is nothing I love more about this time of year than cosy knits, boots, and a vampy as all hell lip! For this combo I have one new product, two outstanding staples of mine, and one rediscovered addition!

lips balms

Since receiving some bits to try from Pixy recently, I've been really enjoying their lip balms! My lips got unbelievably dry last year so I'm determined to keep ahead of it this time around! As someone who loves to rock a dramatic lip (especially this time of year) it's vital to keep my lips in good condition! I brought the Coconut Pixy Lip Balm* with me on holidays, and I'm loving the freshness of the Mint* one now that I'm home! I slather this all over the lips in the morning before makeup, at bedtime, and generally throughout the day if I'm having a nude lip day.

Read more on our Lip Balms - €3.99





by Dolly Dowsie -   19/09/13    - Beauty blogger

It's not often that I get to have a relaxing soak in the bath but when my Pixy Natural mini bath bombs arrived I couldn't help but make 'me time' and enjoy a nice hot bath. Pixy Natural's mini bath bombs smell beautiful and the smell makes you want to use them straight away. Out of the five bath bombs I received Tutti Fruity appealed to me most, a soft pink coloured bomb with hints of orange sprinkled with red glitter, it truly looks as good as it smells. The bomb itself is infused with honey powder and fruity mango and passionfruit fragrances, I think this was why it appealed to me most as I love the smell and taste of these particular fruits. When I dropped the bomb in the bath it began fizzing immediately and the water was transformed into a very light pink colour with hints of red glitter sprinkled on top of the water. The bathroom was filled with a gorgeous fruity scent, I loved it, my bath looked so inviting! After my bath my skin felt very soft, particularly on my legs and had a hint of the Tutti Fruity scent. Like with the glowing body butter and strawberry, honey and coconut lip balms I tried from the Pixy Natural range I was so impressed with the bath bombs and each of these products has left me just wanting more, luckily I have four more gorgeous bombs to try - Lavender, Limelight, Honey and Coconut - some very relaxing nights instore for me in the coming weeks I think! I can't wait to try my other bath bombs and give my skin another treat!

Read more on our Tutti Fruity bath bomb €3.45





by Dolly Dowsie -   17/09/13    - Beauty blogger

Having posted about Pixy's amazing Glowing Body Butter last week and the positive response it got I just had to share some more of their gorgeous products with you, this time it's their strawberry, coconut and honey lip balms I'm loving.
Lip Balms From Pixy Natural
Living in Ireland it's necessary to keep a lip balm with you at all times, the changeable weather can make lips cracked and very dry and now that autumn has arrived it's the perfect time to test out these products. Like with all of Pixy Natural's products these smell divine and true to ingredients within them. These sweet lip balms come in a nifty little silver tin, ideal for keeping your lip balm secure, free from unwanted elements and crumbling, unlike lip balms which come in stick form. My absolute favourite is thestrawberry lip balm, it smells like the strawberry chocolate in a tin of Cadbury's Roses and makes my mouth water every time I wear it, which has been everyday since I got it - really not good for the diet! The colour of each of the lip balms is quite striking but all appear clear on the lips, they are so soothing and moisturising on the lips and mine are now completely chap free, fantastic! All of these lip balms are made from natural ingredients which have great beneficial and healing properties for the lips - cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax and mica, each ingredient working to keep lips soft and supple. I think my lip balms will last me for a very long time as a little goes a long way, just a small sweep on the lips can keep them hydrated for hours. I have now begun applying my strawberry lip balm over my lipstick as it was drying out my lips and it creates a lovely sheen whilst keeping my lips hydrated, I love it and it's now a staple in my handbag! I really can't recommend Pixy Natural's products enough, they're Irish, natural and work wonderfully, what more could you want? Oh maybe a recession friendly price? Well these lip balms are just €3.99 each, an absolute bargain for such a lovely beauty product. Do give Pixy Natural's products a go, I know for sure you will be enchanted by their magic, just like I was.

Read more on their Lip Balms - €3.99

Comparison – Emjoi & Pixy Foot creams

by Girl Friday Beauty Blog -   12/09/13    - Beauty blogger


I hate feet. I may as well be honest about it. I hate all feet – even my own! As a result they can end up pretty neglected. One of the side effects of being diabetic is poor blood flow in outer limbs and feet are the most frequently effected. I’m not sure if this is the reason for my incredibly dry skin on my feet – but I feel like there is a link! With that in mind I occasionally buy foot creams… And invariably get bored of them shortly afterwards because they are messy and too much effort! Yet here I am, Day 12 of #SBBC and it’s foot creams that I am comparing – wonders will never cease! 

Pixy Coconut Foot Cream:
Smells of coconut and holidays.
Absorbs quickly into the skin.
Comes in a 50ml metal tin.
Costs €9.95 on their website  and in selected stockists nationwide.
Made in Ireland from mainly natural ingredients.

The main differences are scent – which I feel is a very personal choice – and cost. The Emjoi foot cream is twice the volume of the Pixy offering although they both retail for the same price. You could argue that the more expensive packaging and the natural ingredients are worth this difference. For me, I have to be honest and say that I love both of these creams. I use whichever one I lay my hand to first when I am looking for a foot cream and will likely repurchase both of them when they run out. I think the main draw for me with these is that they aren’t the normal peppermint scent which I associate with foot creams.

Do you use a foot cream? Have you tried either of these?

Read more in our Pixy Coconut Foot Cream €9.95




Glowing Body Butter

by Dollydowsie -   9/09/13    - Beauty blogger


body butter


As everyone knows I am always happy to support Irish business and products whenever I can so you can imagine how delighted I am to be showing you a product today which incorporates two of my passions in life - Irishness and beauty! Pixy Natural is an Irish company which create the most amazing looking and smelling beauty products made from all natural ingredients. They have a wide range of products to indulge yourself in and to give your skin a serious pampering session! I love the company branding of pixies, magic and folklore, the whole thing is very magical and so very Irish. Today I want to rave to you about the Glowing Body Butterwhich I have become addicted to since I first opened the lovely silver tin it comes in. 

The Glowing Body Butter smells seriously amazing, a very fresh jasmine fragrance which leaves you dying to use it. The product has an soft orange/gold colour which is very eye catching and my favourite part, the texture, it's so lightly whipped that it's like running your fingers through a bowl whipped cream, I love it! The Glowing Body Butter contains cocoa and shea butters to indulge your skin, leaving it beautifully soft, apricot oils which give the product it's lovely colour, almond, coconut and vitamin E oils to nourish your skin and mica to give you a gorgeous glow.

I use this product now every night before bed and it massages into the skin so well. It leaves my skin looking radiant and feeling soft and the fragrance really is lovely. In my opinion the product is so luxurious and really is a treat for my skin. Usually I begin using body butters but then can't be bother faffing around with them anymore but the Glowing Body Butter makes me want to use it all up, it really has won me over. Now my skin is nourished daily by natural ingredients from Pixy Natural. I really have been enchanted by the magic of it all and I'm sure you will be too.


The Glowing Body Butter is €12.99 and is available to buy from the Pixy Natural website or from one of their many stockists around Ireland.

Glowing Body Butter

by Mary O Donnell -   08/09/13    - Bathing Beauty


Everyone’s daily beauty regime, male and female, involves some kind of bathing – bath or shower, maybe even both on some days.  So it’s a really big deal in the beauty world – lotions and potions to prepare, immerse and apply – exfoliators, oils, gels, creams.  Wake yourself up, revive yourself, relax, unwind – bathing is a ritual to keep the body beautiful!  So here are some of the questions that were posed during Thursday Topic on the subject of bathing

Aside from looking lovely on your bath tub bath bombs are a fun addition to your bath! Immerse in the water for a sizzling bath time experience. The benefits are the essential oils and fragrances! One of my favourites is the Pixy Natural Chocolate Heaven – very price friendly too at just €3.45

Pixy Solid Foot Scrub. recommended, Apply a good foot cream and put on socks before bed. Do this regularly for baby smooth feet.

Pixy Lime Body Scrubs

by Big Blonde Girl  on bigblondegirl -   7/09/13    - blogger

Fake Tan Remover from Pixy


For ages I've followed the new Irish brand Pixy Cosmetics, Since then they have gone from strength to strength expanding their products all over the country. Its always so exciting to be able to support and love new Irish brands! Many times I have gone to their site and filled a basket with lots of things I'd love to try out, but never clicking the final button purely because I wanted to see the products in person. Does anyone else have that thing of wanting to actually hold the things and in person buy it? Just me then, as normal.. I had a little look at their stock list and found that City Pharmacy on Dame street stocks the full range. Naturally I had to check it out.

Lime body scrubs were first on my list. The packaging is so simple and the cute gold bow caught my eye, its the perfect present to give a loved one. There are six ice cube sized blocks of scrubbing goodness in each packet to use in the shower or in the bath. Every cube has apricot and lime oil, vitamin e and cocoa butter packed inside. I'm not a fan of the more sour smelling products but these smelt heavenly and it really wakes you up in the morning too, bonus points!
At €4.99 I wasn't sure what to expect when I used the first little cube, thinking it might dissolve quite quickly once water was added to it but I was totally wrong. Hard and moisturizing on the outside, rubbing it over my skin was a treat. After a second or two however it melted a bit and the exfoliating scrubby bites broke through working immediately. And let me just add that I used this all over my body and there was still half the cube left. I used an entire cube though, just because. You could easily get 3 uses from each one. Value for money I hear you say?

I wouldn't recommend this for your face as it could be a little harsh, but people go to town on those rough bits of skin that drive you mad. For me its my elbows and knees, bane of my existence..  Getting a product that both exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time is a fab find. The cubes are small but you will get so many uses from them and they are oh so travel friendly too. What more could you ask for really? I know I will be repurchasing these as gifts in the future. Ok, ok, and for me too.. So why not head over to their store, nab some amazing products and support an Irish brand. You will also get free shipping to anywhere in Ireland once your order is over €10. I can't wait to try out some of their other products!


Read more about our Lime body scrub cubes €4.99

Pixy Skincare - Pure Irish Genius

by Angelo Bonacci  on -   02/09/13    - Fashion website

Pixy Natural Skincare is a pure, new natural skincare rangehandmade lovingly in Ireland from natural ingredients,harnessing the healing and revitalizing power of Mother NatureWe use nature’s best in all our products including moisturising unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, fast-absorbing sweet almond oil and healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. We use essential oils for their amazing fragrance; some energise you, others bring you back in harmony to calm you and soothe away stress.


In Ireland, we tend to moisturise our skin more in the summer than we do in the winter, it is vital to look after our skin all year round, even more so as we age. Pixy’s Skin Softening Oil is a wonderful benefit to the skin, a moisturiser enriched with skin-healing powers. Skin Softening Oil contains jojoba oil, which is so versatile and very similar to sebum, our skin’s own natural oil. Jojoba oil can be used on all skin types, yes even very oily skin, it is noncomedogenic, which means it doesn’t block pores and is easily absorbed into the skin. Borage seed oil has been found to be a rich source of GLA, an essential fatty acid that keeps skin healthy, restores moisture, and nourishes dry and damaged skin, providing relief to dry skin disorders and keeping skin soft and supple. Both of these oils are married with apricot natural oil, recognised for its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamins, to soothe and penetrate dry skin.

PIXY LIP BALMS €3.99 Chocolate - Strawberry - Coconut - Honey - Mint 

To make the perfect lip balm, Pixyland, use Cocoa Butter which is famous for reconditioning the skin and so creamy that it melts into the surface and underlying layers of the skin.  They have  mixed it with Shea and Almond oil which for centuries has been used to heal and deter dry and chapped skin, and being rich in Vitamin E, it is also contains great anti-aging properties.



In order for all these goodies to work their magic on your pout, for an emollient barrier; the best in Mother Nature’s closet is Beeswax, made by bees. Beeswax locks in moisture and is a brilliant barrier against environmental free radicals, like chilly wintry days, central heating, all those necessary but nasty conditions that can play havoc on your lovely lips. Oh, and the best thing about beeswax is, it won’t clog your pores! For your nearest stockist or to buy PIXY online please go to and remember they are Irish.



 July 2013

Pixy Natural Soaps

by Kadigloss -   29/07/13    - Beauty Blogger


I knew I was in for a treat when I was sent these gorgeous Natural Soaps from Pixy Cosmetics.  They are naturally made soap bars with base ingredients of Palm and Coconut Oil to gently cleanse your skin without harsh chemicals, while providing natural moisturisers which leave your skin glowing, super soft and smelling delicious!  The two soaps I received were:


Natural Soaps

Top L-R: Tough Love, Deep Blue Sea, Oatmeal
Bottom L-R Sweet Treat Mango Bliss, Citrus Spring

Citrus Spring

This smells really citrusy and zesty so it’s perfect for waking you up in your morning shower!  It’s also really good for your skin since It is enriched with cocoa butter and olive oil.  The smell is totally gorgeous since it has notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Orange essential oils.

Sweet Treat

I’m a sucker for anything sweet and this lovely soap slice smells like sweet sugary candy along with Vanilla and Lavender essential oils.  So this would be perfect for sending you off to the land of nod after a hard day.  Again it’s extremely moisturising and good for your skin.

I am totally in love with these!  They leave your skin smelling and feeling amazing and they last forever.  There are 6 different varieties and they’re amazingly good value at €3.99 each, so you can really afford to pick up a few of your favourites.  They would also make a great present for anyone, as a little pampering treat.


Pop over to Pixy’s website and have a look for yourself, or you can also check stockists to see if anywhere close to you stocks them.  They have lots of tasty treats on there and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want everything!  If you order online and spend over €10, delivery is free and while you’re there, you should sign up to their newsletter to get 10% off your first order, it all helps!

Read more on our Natural Soaps  


My Guide to Glowing Skin

by Tara MakeUp -   28/07/13    - Beauty Blogger


I am frequently asked what my skincare regime is and what skincare products I use.
I have normal skin so it is neither dry or oily.

As a make up artist I am very familiar with all skin types so I am going to talk through the various different skin types and recommend products that I think would be most suitable for you.

Knowing your skin type is vital in order to make the right decision about a skincare routine suitable for you.

Dry Skin
Dry skin can often become itchy,inflamed and irritated.Pores are almost invisible and skin has less elasticity then other skin types.

Pixy Natural Almond Milk Face Scrub

Almond Milk Face Scrub

 There are of course cross over products that can be used on all skin types.I use the Pixy Natural Face Scrub twice a week and find it leaves the skin feeling really enriched and smooth.
I also use Cocowel Coconut oil on my skin every night.I use this as an all over body moisturiser, facial moisturiser, hair mask and lip-balm.


Read more on our Almond Milk Face Scrub €9.95

Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel

By High Life of Mars 17/07/13   Blogger

So another day, another blog post and today’s post is from one of my favourite Irish brands Pixy.

aloe vera

Now I don’t know about you but I love me a bit of aloe vera gel. When I was growing up we had an aloe vera plant and anytime we got cuts or stings or burns, it was lathered in some aloe vera juice. And it worked wonders! However now I don’t have an aloe vera plant so this Aloe Rescue Gel from Pixy is the next best thing. It contains aloe vera juice, along with tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. Tea tree essential oil is a well-known antiseptic while lavender essential oil helps to promote healthy skin cell growth. So what exactly do you use it for?


I have used this on sunburn, after waxing my legs and after plucking my eyebrows. It has a very cooling sensation and really helps to relieve any burning or itchiness that you can get. It can also be used for a host of other things.  I would recommend using it on any minor scratches, bee stings or even the odd nettle sting. I imagine if I had this as a child I would have used a bottle a week! A quick tip is to keep it in the fridge for that extra cooling sensation.

I really like this product and think it is something every household should have. It is a good all-rounder for lots of skin issues. It soaks really quickly into the skin and works quickly. A quick tip would be to store it in the fridge to really increase its cooling effect. It’s the perfect product to have around in this blazing summer we are having!
Have you tried Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel or aloe vera juice before? If you have and have any more ideas for what it can be used for, let me know in the comments!
Bye for now,



A bottle of Pixy Aloe Rescue gel costs €7.95 for 50ml of product.





by Cuti CLUE Les  15/07/13   Beauty Blogger

Starting the week off with a review. This time it's the Pixy Muscle Soothing bath powder. I bought this a while back along with a few other items as I am a huge fan of bath powders (and they always include some mini bath bombs with each order and I fecking love those things) The powder smells incredible. Just like walking into a spa. I love scented products so this was a huge plus for me. Everyone commented how nice the bathroom smelled while I was in the bath because the scent just wafted around the house. It's so refreshing. Perfect for a nice relaxing bath.

Muscle Bath Salts

My skin felt nice and soft after each bath. I threw around 2-3 teaspoons of power in (they say tablespoons but the powder wouldn't last any time at all if you were that genorous with it. You definitely do not need that much) Whether or not it soothes muscles I'm honestly not able to say as I didn't have that problem. It des contain epsom salts and Dead sea salt which are known for treating sore, aching muscles so I'm sure if haas some kind of effect on them.

A jar of Muscle Soothing bath powder costs €9.95 for 250g. It comes in a glass jar which I do like but I'd sooner be able to buy refills for the jar rather than keep buying them. It's more eco-friendly and it stops me cluttering up the house. Hopefully that is something Pixy will look in to in the future.


Read more about our Muscle Soothing Bath Salt €9.95


by CoCoMode  11/07/13   Beauty Blogger

Body Oils are Great! Simple...nourishing, rehydrating and if you are someone on the go all the time they are perfect for efficient application and effective results. They are also alot more economical than most lotions as a little goes along way. There are a lot of oils on the market now so we have tried and tested some of them along the way. Bear in mind that Body oils  can also be a form of introducing aromatherapy into your life on a daily basis, so be careful what you choose. Look for products where the essential oils suit your needs. If price is an issue then there a really great oils available for under €10. 

softening body oil

Pixy Softening Body Oil - €9.95 

Made in Irealnd, the Pixy Softening Oil is presented beautifully in this Glass bottle (be careful!) and does exactly what is says on the tin. This is the perfect oil for softening and rehydration and leave the skin feeling gorgeous. The oil is infused with jojoba, apricot and borage seed oils and infused with magnolia and jasmine fragrance. For the price this oil is exceptional and to as an added bonus it is made right here in Ireland 

Go to Body Softening Oil page


Lippy: Kate Talks Sun Protection, Bia Beauty’s Skin Food and Lash Bars!

By Kate Noonan  Rsvp magazine  08/07/13   Blogger

If you are unfortunate to suffer from sun damage try relieving the systems with a good after sun, natural yogurt, aloe vera and/or vitamin E. Drink plenty of water and do not re-expose yourself for a few days. I love Pixy’s Aloe Vera Gel. The purest I can find with out being too sticky or smelly.

A bottle of Pixy Aloe Rescue gel costs €7.95 for 50ml of product.

My beauty heroes! 

By Tara O' Farrell  Irish Independent   07/07/13   Blogger


Tara O’Farrell  wrote about her 5 favourites in the Weekend Magazine Supplement that comes with the Saturday independent Newspaper.


Irish Paper Tara Farrell




Friday Fiver – Pixy Chocolate Lip Balm

By Alice In Beauty Lando  03/07/13   Blogger


 I bought this last month at a trade show and I’m so in love with it, well as much as a person can be with a lip balm anyway.

This lip balm not only feels great on my lips but it also smells divine! I’ve tried a few ‘chocolate’ products in the past but there has never been one that actually smells of chocolate like this. There’s no nasty chemicals or parabens in here either just Cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, chocolate flavour oil and a little mica for a slight shimmer.

Pixy are an Irish company who hand make all of their bath and skincare products and they are all to die for! I could have spent a fortune on that stall! Everything smells as it should do too, there’s no fake chemical scents being used. The Pineapple Shower Mouse really sticks in my mind for this, it smelt good enough to eat and I keep kicking myself for not picking some up. Thankfully p&p isn’t too expensive so I might just have to treat myself to some Pixy goodies again soon.

The Chocolate Lip Balm is £3.99 and can be bought from the Pixy website.






Pixy - My Must Have Products

by Dancing with disaster -   03/07/13    - Beauty Blogger

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all well. My post today is all about the Pixy! Pixy have fast become one of my favourite brands for affordable, little luxury treatments for bath and body. Pixy is such an incredible representation of what Irish brands have to offer. I have often described Pixy as Ireland's answer to Lush but really, the more I try and the more it has become clear to me that Pixy is so much more than that. Handmade cosmetics at super affordable prices that are beautifully packaged and do exactly what they claim to do!. But more than that, Pixy really has the feel of real luxury products at an incredible price. Today I am going to share with you my 'Must Have' Pixy Products! 

Irish Natural Beauty Products

First up are the incredible range of Bath Salts. I have tried three of the different scents on offer. The Muscle Soothing Salts, The Relaxing Lavender Salts, and The Floral Bath Salts. These fantastic range of bath salts are housed in a lovely glass container which give them that 'luxury' feel. They are only €9.95, which I think is an absolute bargain! The individual salts each smell amazing and leave you feeling totally pampered and relaxed. I would get between 8-10 baths from each container and honestly I really think that these are a little piece of heaven to have waiting at the end of a hard day. Plus once they are finished, you can wash out the containers and use them to store your makeup brushes, cotton pads or q-tips! 

The Moisturising Shower Mousse is a really gem in the Pixy family, This mousse is again housed in a lovely glass container and this seems to be the never ending product! I have used this countless times over the past few months and it really lasts! You dip your pouffe into the mousse and wash away! You only need the tiniest amount of product, because a little really does go a long way with this, it comes in so many scents, but I have to say the lime sorbet is my favourite, it's so zingy and fresh, perfect for the summer months!

This next product is one that I think no girl should be without: The Glowing Body Butter. This, is a little tub of heaven! It smells absolutely incredible. It contains cocoa and Shea butter, with vitamin E and coconut. It's Jasmine fragrance just totally envelops you and really feels so fantastic on the skin. If I could get Pixy to create a huge drum of this to jump into... it would be heaven (it's also on my 'thing to do when I win the lotto list!) It's just perfection ladies, you need this in you life!


The Moisturising Lime Body Scrub Cubes, are a must have for any false tan wearers! These cubes not only smell incredible but they are fantastic at cleansing and purifying the skin. One of these little cubes will exfoliate your entire body, and leave it feeling soft and supple. I am in love with these, they're perfect and also totally non abrasive! They come in a pack of 6, and are €4.99, and absolute bargain in my eyes!


Last but by no means least is the amazing Softening Body Oil.This is just amazing, I use this after a bath on any areas of rough skin and it works a treat. It is scented with Jasmine and Magnolia which together make the most beautiful scent and it really is such a pleasure to pamper yourself with this little treat!





Pixy Almond Milk Face Scrub Review – A Yummy Scrummy Scrub!

by KandiGloss -   03/07/13    - Beauty Blogger

 I was delighted to be sent this beautiful Face Scrub from Irish natural skincare and cosmetics brand, Pixy Cosmetics to try out and review.  Since I wear makeup every day, I really have to be careful to thoroughly clean my skin so I don’t get breakouts and clogged pores, so I do love a good facial exfoliator for that reason.  But usually, I tend to go for exfoliators that have AHA’s or are peelable rather than corse grainy ones which I find irritates my sensitive skin.  This one is totally different though, I’m so impressed with it that this will be part of my skincare routine from now on.


Almond Milk Face Scrub


Pixy Cosmetics produce a gorgeous range of skincare and beauty products that use natural ingredients, don’t contain parabens and are not tested on animals.  Also, because they use ingredients such as essential oils, cocoa butter, almond milk and other pure ingredients, they are actually really good for your skin and won’t damage it at all.  Plus all their products smell absolutely gorgeous.

The scrub comes in a simple tin which contains 50g of product and is a very reasonable €9.95.  It is a blend of Jojoba and Apricot Oil which moisturises as it exfoliates and buttermilk and yogurt powders that loosen and dissolve dead skin and debris leaving clean radiant skin.  The little poppy seeds added, work to exfoliate your skin gently.  As you work the scrub into your skin, you find that it doesn’t feel in the slightest bit abrasive or irritating and it just gently glides over your skin and doesn’t leave it with that tight dry feeling afterwards, that other grainy exfoliators can do.

It smells like sweet almonds and is so nourishing that you can use it twice a week for best results.  My skin honestly never felt so soft afterwards, I actually look forward to using it and can really see a difference in the texture of my skin and also in the application of my makeup afterwards so I’m loving this product and can’t wait to discover more lovely products from this great Irish brand!

Check out their website for your nearest stockist or you can also buy online.  They also have a fab range of gift sets that would make an amazing present for anyone who deserves a bit of pampering so check them out.  Plus you’ll be supporting an Irish company which we should all be doing where we can.


Read more on our Almond Milk Face Scrub €9.95




Sparkly Summer Skin - My picks to keep your skin soft supple and shining

Dolly Rouge  - July 2013  Beauty Blogger


I do love a good body lotion and summer is a time when I particularly enjoy them; I’m a wee bit of an exhibitionist and love stripping down during the summer. It’s a relief to be finally able to ditch the woolly tights and let some air at my skin. This summer is no exception but so far it has had the added bonus of the weather actually being pretty decent in Ireland (and I now realise I have probably just jinxed it!). With the good weather in mind here is my run down of favourite products to keep your skin glowing and gorgeous!


Pixy Glowing Body Butter €12.99* – One of our favourite Irish brands has a new offering this summer in the form of a yummy whipped Cocoa body lotion. It comes in a perfectly portable tin which is handy for suitcases meaning no risk of spillages in your holiday suitcase. Its jam packed with natural ingredients, in fact it only contains Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet apricot oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, jasmine fragrance and  mica. It sinks in quickly, leaves a light scent and a sexy sheen. 


Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99





Pixy Almond Milk Face Scrub 

by Not Just Inside -   02/07/13    - Beauty Blogger


Irish brand Pixy has taken off like a rocket over the past year, with stands full of their beautiful handmade skincare products popping up in pharmacies all over Ireland. A short while ago I was sent the Almond Milk Face Scrub to try out and I was delighted as I reviewed the Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud in the past and I loved it. 
The first thing that hit me when I opened the tin was the smell of marzipan, it instantly reminded me of Christmas and Wedding cakes and thats when I realized marzipan is made from Almonds duhh. 

The "Milk" part of the scrub is a creamy mix of Jojoba and Apricot oil which work to cleanse, soothe and moisturize the skin, and Buttermilk andYoghurt to gently exfoliate the skin, (did you know dairy products could exfoliate? I sure didn't) The scrubby beads are Poppy seeds, they are quite large in terms of face scrubs so I took a gentle approach when I was using this, and messaged slowly into my skin for a moment or two, then rinsed away with water. My skin was left feeling clean and smooth, and I have even been using this to exfoliate the tops of my arms where it can get really dry. 

Read more on our Almond Milk Face Scrub €9.95





 June 2013



Tried and tested : Scrubs

by Cork News    28/06/13  Local Newspaper


Cork News Scrub Review


Read more on our Almond Milk Face Scrub €9.95




Pump PPP it Up

Cuti Clue Les - 27th 2013  Beauty Blogger


Pixy reformulated and repackaged their Aloe Rescue gel a while back and I was so excited to see the new Pump addition! Now you can control the amount of product you want and it is more hygienic  as you don't have to stick your hand into the tin to scoop up the gel.

Aloe Rescue review

The new formula now contains tea tree essential oil which has medicinal properties,stimulates cell skin cell growth and inhibits bacteria common to dry skin conditions. Lavender essential oil was also added into the mix and like the tea tree oil it too has medicinal properties. It also calms the skin which is essential after waxing.

After using this a few times I can safely say it is just as good, if not better than the original. The pump was a genius addition as it stops unnecessary loss of product  and it keeps it all nice and hygienic in the bottle. I love than the bottle is slimmer so I can pop it in my bag or in the car before heading off without taking up too much space or worrying about it leaking. I leave it in the fridge while waxing and then smooth it on straight after and you feel the relief immediately. I would not be without this product, especially when waxing or after being out in the sun (when we actually get some sun).

A bottle of Pixy Aloe Rescue gel costs €7.95 for 50ml of product.





Pixy Experience

A Pretty Obsession  - 23rd June 2013  Beauty Blogger



Hey Ladies,
I have just had an experience I have to share with you while I am still in this little moment of heaven.
After three years of living in a rented house I finally decided to take the plunge and have a bath. (don't worry I have been showering)There was something that was just completely unappealing to me in trying to relax in a bath that I had no idea who else had used.....
However after 3 years and a couple of attempts to have relaxing baths in my mums (it's just not the same) I spent over a week scrubbing and bleaching and completely sanitising the bath in our house so I could feel remotely comfortable using it.
Tonight I have had the first properly relaxing bath I have had in three years and I am still in a gorgeous state of relaxation.
What was best about my bath was that it gave me the opportunity to use some Pixy products that have been begging to be used, I was so excited I could burst... My boyfriend was looking at me like I was mad putting all my potions into the bath :-) 


First up I put in some of this incredibly gorgeous smelling Sensual Bath Oil which I can still feel on my skin, it feels so soft. I had been trying to use this in other ways but I have to say you can't beat it in the bath!

I then popped in a bath bomb that I had been bursting to see. I have never in my lift used a bath bomb and it was so cool watching it bobbing about changing the water and making it smell amazing. I used the Tutti Fruity bath bomb and I still have the Lime Light, Honey and Lavender ones to use.



To completely spoil myself I used the Rose Cleansing mud as a mask while I soaked.
I literally had to prise myself out of the bath, I am sitting here in my jammies in bed smelling amazing and feeling like I haven't a care in the world!
I will be having many many more baths and I can see Pixy featuring in all of them!
Thank you Pixy for my wonderful bathing experience :-)
And thank you for reading


Read more about the Sensual Bath Oil                     €9.95

Read more on the Bath Bombs                         From €3.45




Pixy Glowing Body Butter

Anita Beauty Spot.  - 21st June 2013  Beauty Blogger


body butter


About a month ago, I received a surprise package from the lovely folks at Pixy
In the package was there Glowing Body Butter. This lovely is a lightly whipped heavenly creation featuring cocoa butter and shea butter. Not ocntent with treating us to those two beauties, Pixy also added apricot oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. So defintiely a treat for your skin. There is also a touch of mica, leaving your skin glowing.
The scent of the Body Butter is Jasmine and boy howdy is it is a very strong scent? It takes some getting used to as I usually go with more delicate scents but after a few applications, I fell in love with the scent. 

After applying to my skin, the butter sinks in quickly and leaves my skin with a natural glow. 
In the pics below, I have applied it on top of my Cocoa Brown Tan.



Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99



Scrub in a Tub

Cork Independent .  - 20th June 2013  Local Newspaper

body butter

Using a facial scrub once a week has proven to be an essential part of a good skincare routine. Enhanced with natural ingredients, Pixy almond milk face scrub will leave your skin soft, youthful and radiant. Containing no nasty parabens or abrasives, this is one tub of scrub that you won’t leave sitting on your bathroom shelf.
Jojoba and apricot oils are mixed together for the baseline. Jojoba oil is the world’s best and works with the skin’s own natural oil, sebum.

Being a non greasy oil, it allows the skin to breathe and control moisture, containing superb anti-aging benefits. Apricot oil soothes and moisturises irritated skin, improves elasticity, easily absorbs into the skin leaving no oily residue.

To soak up and eliminate nasty residues in the skin, a good dollop of buttermilk and yoghurt powders were added. Buttermilk contains the gentlest of exfoliators that loosen and dissolve dead skin, gently buffing away and moisturising at the same time, also known to nurse skin irritations, leaving a healthy glow to your skin.

Yoghurt is a natural skin tonic, full of essential vitamins and minerals that exfoliate without being abrasive, deep cleansing properties allow for new skin cell growth.

For the kindest exfoliation, poppy seeds gently massage and penetrate the skin to cleanse the pores of the skin whilst allowing the beneficial properties of jojoba and apricot to work their magic.

Richly scented with the aroma of sweet almonds, the almond milk face scrub works wonders on your face removing those nasty impurities that dull your skin, banishing blackheads and whiteheads, leaving your skin clean and supple.
To use, wet your face and apply a small amount onto your skin. Gently massage into your skin avoiding the eye area for a few minutes allowing the oils to penetrate and the natural powders to absorb. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.



Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99



Brilliant Instant Bronzers ft Pixy Glowing Body Butter

Cherry Sue in the Do.  - 19th June 2013  Beauty Blogger

 I'm all for beauty on the run, because I'm mostly on the run but what with us knowing now what we do about harmful UV rays, bronzing on the run is also an essential part of my readying up for a night out or just in the quest to appear less dead. 

Three of my ultimate instant bronzers have to be He - Shi Luminous Shimmer, Clarins new Splendours Shimmer Body Oil and Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. Read on to find out for why: 

Pixy Glowing Body Butter

You'd be mistaken for thinking you'd been duped when first reaching for Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. The whipped up bronzing souffle inside is light as air and smells incredible

Crammed to the brim with Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet apricot oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, fragranced with jasmine and laced with mica to give your skin an instant shimmer, this is the most nourishing of the three when it comes to getting your glow on. 


Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99

 A Little Life Saver

by Hall of Mirrors    16/06/13  Blogger


Last week in Ireland we got a whole solid week of beautiful weather. Like many people I took full advantage and tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Unlike many people, I did not get sunburned however, the same cannot be said for many sunburned bodies traipsing around Dublin this week. There is nothing worse than sunburn, even if it's just the bridge of your nose. Luckily, I've only been burned badly twice that I can remember, once on my legs and once on my chest (that was the worst as I couldn't sleep on my side for two weeks). Everybody has their own remedy for sunburn- after sun, ice water, E45, natural yoghurt, vinegar, cold tea, milk, cucumber...I've tried them all. The best cure I found was Aloe Vera, not only is it soothing and cooling but Aloe Vera is healing and moisturising too.


Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel is a little miracle. Not only does it contain Aloe Vera juice, it also contains Tea Tree oil to fight bacteria and heal and lavender essential oil to soothe, repair and calm skin. A little goes a long way with this product, it's aloe base means it spreads evenly over the skin and you can feel it cool skin upon contact.

This is my little lifesaver product and I like to keep it on hand for emergencies. Last week I used it for razor burn on my legs and it was the only product that would take the sting away. I've used it on burns, insect bites, dry skin patches and whittles (those hard sticky out bits of cuticles that catch on everything) and each time its never failed me. At €10.99 everybody should invest in some Aloe Rescue Gel, just in case.


Read more on our Aloe Rescue Gel



 Pixy Natural Lip Balms Review

by Ninas Bargain Beauty   13/06/13  Blogger


lip balm reviews



 Strawberry oh boy oh boy mmmmmmmm This lip balm was the first one I picked to try out and believe me it smells amazing :)  If you are a fan of strawberries beware because this lip balm smells exactly like strawberry yogurt and you will be tempted to eat it lol.  My sister has one of these and is already over half way through it because she cant help but apply this to her lips every hour of the day.

Mint .... This feels absolutely fantastic on the lips.... If you have that red hot feeling on the lips this balm will surely put them to comfort and cool them down.  The mint is surely minty and perfect for those very important date nights ;) ;) I love this balm as it has that cool sensation and perfect for the Summer months when we are luck to have those hot days :) 


These balms are amazing each and every one of them feel smooth creamy and ever so moisturising on the lips.  They also make your lips shiny and kissable ;) They are so hydrating.  I brought my coconut one on a day trip on Sunday I went with my family and it was 24 degrees we were out all day and we all felt the heat on our lips even my dad.  I passed this balm around to everyone and they were instantly relieved.  Thank goodness I brought it because no matter how much we drank it did not relieve the dryness on our lips until we used the Lip Balm.  

I highly recommend having at least one of these balms in your bag for any time of the year :) 

Have you tried these yet? 

What flavour would you like to try :) 

Until next time 

Lots of Love, Luck, Laughter and Luscious Lips.



Take care in the sun! A little story, a show and tell and some fab products!

Lovely Girly Bits 8th June 2013  Beauty Blogger

 Brave video post from Karen on a serious topic  - Skin cancer. Worth watching. Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel is mentioned in 13.08 to assist sunburn and vitalise skin.





May Favourites

Cherry Sue Do in the Do.  - 6th June 2013  Beauty Blogger


First up, I was convinced that I'd been duped when Pixy's Glowing Body Butter landed on my mat. The whipped light & fluffy mousse of cocoa and shea butters feels like air in the tin and most pleasingly, on the skin. With Coconut, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oils to sweeten this beaut my skin has never looked brighter. 

Keep an eye out as Pixy's Glowing Body Butter will have pride of place in an upcoming feature where you can have a closer look. 



Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99




 May 2013


Pixy's Sensual Oil on TV3 Xposé

    31st May 2013  TV3 Xposé

View product review on TV3


The Beauty Spot - Radio Kerry

The Beauty Spot  - 28th May 2013  Radio Kerry

Click on the logo to listen to the interview on Talk About with Deirdre Walsh Radio Kerry.  it’s just under 15 minutes long.

Radio Kerry

Irish Brands To Watch:  Pixy, Bia Beauty, Cocoa Brown by Sarah  - 24th May 2013  Irish Beauty Website


Whoah – where did all these amazing Irish beauty brands spring up from, then? Almost overnight it seems there is a plethora of homegrown companies ready to take care of our every cosmetic need.  From candles to bath bombs to fake tan, these guys have got you covered; here’s a round-up of the ones that have got us wowed.

irish skincare products from Pixy

THREE Pixy are a lovely Irish success story – they started from a pharmacy in Mallow in 2010, but now employ 15 people and can be found in more than 80 stockists across the country (you can also buy online). You may have spotted them on RTE’s Dragons’ Den, where founder Professor Weedle turned down two offers of €250,000 – because he’d have to give away too much of his company.

Everything’s made here in Ireland from natural ingredients, and the range is massive, well-priced and fun. I’m working my way through it but can highly recommend the heavenly scented lime body scrub cubes (€4.99) and lime sorbet body mousse (€12.95) – if you’re a citrus fan, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Read more about our Lime Body Scrub Cubes  €4.99

Read more about our Lime Sorbet Body Mousse €12.95





iRadio Beauty Product Review: Glowing Body Butter from Pixy Cosmetics

Tara King.  - 23rd May 2013  Radio


Glowing Body Butter review on IRadio with Tara King

Since I began my beauty slot with iRadio back in 2010, I have yet to go at least five days without someone sending me an email looking for a remedy for dry skin. I am also frequently asked to recommend moisturisers that will leave a nice long-lasting sheen on the skin. Well, Pixy’s Glowing Body Butter is a wonderful solution to both of these questions. It is brilliant for dry skin, because it contains ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. It also contains sweet Almond oils, which help improve the skin’s pH balance, so it’s a brilliant moisturiser to use if you are preparing your skin for fake tan. On that note, it also looks incredible when worn over fake tan because it gives the skin such a youthfully fresh and healthy glow! It is extremely light to touch – (I personally loved the texture … it’s somewhere between a mousse and a frothy butter!) – but it’s still strong enough to condition your skin with a lovely long-lasting sheen.

This is thanks to the ingredient, Mica, which could almost be described as a natural shimmer. I also noticed that the Jasmine scent of the moisturiser lasted for ages. Hours after I applied it, I still got some lovely subtle reminders of the fragrance every now and then! It was like wearing a beautiful perfume! Best of all, the butter leaves your skin feeling sooooo incredibly soft. It’s definitely not one of those moisturisers that just dries in and leaves no trace. Pixy’s Glowing Body Butter has actual benefits your skin can enjoy. Im a confirmed fan!

Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99




Clarins Splendours Body Oil & Pixy Glowing Body Butter Review

What Katie Healy Did.  - 22nd May 2013  Beauty Blogger


As you can tell by my previous post, I have a bit of a fake tan at the moment...
... thought I would point that out,  JUST IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL! Haha.
With my lovely tan and the sun in the sky, I am getting excited about the summer, what says 'Summer Time' more than sun kissed legs?

I have fallen head over heels for Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil AND Pixy Glowing Body Butter.
It is exceptionally uncommon for me to fall in love with two similar products, but... 
I have!
Both smell fantastic and both give brilliant results.

Lets start with the price friendly and incredibly scented Glowing Body Butter by Pixy.

It is a rich buttery texture on your skin and blends in to leave your skin dazzling and well nourished.
In my opinion this is on of the best glowing body butters I have ever tried. I cant speak highly enough of this product. 
The tiniest amount suffices which means you are sure to get bang for your buck!
12.99 to be precise!


Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99




Best Budget Buy - Pixy Glowing Body Butter €12.99

Sunday World Magazine  - Emma Jane Power 19th May 2013


 sunday world magazine may 13


Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99



Cosmetics firm tests bathwater for exports

by Trish Dromey, Irish Examiner -   06/05/13    - National Newspaper

Today in the Irish Examiner on page 18 features an interview by Trish Dromey business journalist with Peter on Pixy Business.

Irish Examiner review of Pixy natural Skincare

Read article in Full.

Read more about Pixy Natural Skincare Company

3 of the best Summer Sizzlers

by Laura Bermingham - Daily Mail Magazine -   05/05/13    -

Laura Bermingham recommends Pixy Glowing Body Butter as 3 of the best summer sizzlets in the Daily Mail Magazine.

Glowing Body Butter review in the Mail Paper


Read more about our Glowing Body Butter

Pixy Almond Milk Face Scrub Review

by Nina Bargin Beauty -   03/05/13    - Beauty Blogger



Today's review is on the newest item from Pixy (Along with my big haul of items I got from the site :) 
The Almond Milk Face Scrub.  I was a tad bit wary about getting this because funny enough there is not many reviews about it but to tell you the truth thats what made me want to buy it more.  I love trying out products that dont have many reviews about them as I like the surprise :) 
Almond Milk Face Scrub



The scrub comes in a tin like container with a screw on/off lid and there is 50g of product which costs 9.95 euro :) which is a bargain believe me :) 
When I opened up the container I was greeted with the strong scent of almond mmmmmmmm delish :)  



As you can see the tin is jammed to the top that there is even some product on the lid I love that.      Lol when i seen this first it made me thing of frog spawn lol sorry I just had to share that come on does it not look like frog spawn to you :) Comment below :) Anyhooooooo  I had high hopes for this and tried it out straight away.  
The instructions is straight forward basically 
Wet your face , Apply a small amount to your face , Massage gently using circular motions And rinse off using warm water.
Let me tell you now this stuff is super thick so you really only need a small amount to do your entire face :) 
When the scrub meets your warm face it instantly softens up and you get this amazing whiff of Almond as you massage.  It reminds me of Christmas every time I use this even though I dont like Christmas cake I love the smell of marzipan and it smells like that :)  



The beads look big but they are not at all rough on the face as long as you do not scrub vigorously.  The scrub does not lather in any way and sort of feels a little oily while you was washing but once you rinse it off that oily feeling is gone.  
My skin felt smooth and I did not have that dry tight feeling I get from some facial scrubs I have used in the past.  The fact that this scrub has all the nice natural ingredients in it make it even more pleasurable to use :) 
This scrub is so gentle to use that you could get away with using it everyday but to be honest I dont I would use this 3 times a week depending on how much I feel I need to use it.  
I have to say I do love this and if you are an apricot lover You will love this.   I cant say I prefer this over the Pixy Cleansing Mud because I dont It surely comes first but I do recommend This scrub to you all to try out :) 
Well thats it for today :)  Have you tried this Scrub out yet?



Read more on our Almond Milk Face Scrub €9.95





Latest LoveliesTried & Tested - Pixy Mani

by Joanne Larby - Make up Fairy   02/05/13    - Beauty Blogger


Joanne Larby Pixy review


Hands are so important in many ways; romantic research has proven that both males and females can be influenced in their attraction to the opposite sex, yes you’ve guessed it, by their hands! ‘He’s got lovely hands’ has been uttered by many a swooning female. Our hands are constantly exposed to all sorts of elements, the weather, air conditioning, household chemicals, gardening, holding very hot or cold drinks etc., all play a role when it comes to the condition of our hands. The skin on our hands can also reveal our age, but dry and dehydrated skin won’t give a good reading. So put your hands together for Pixy’s nature induced hand products that will have you saying ‘I love my hands!’

It’s so irritating when you buy a hand cream that leaves greasy paw prints over everything you touch and takes forever to absorb into your skin. Thankfully, Pixy’s Coconut Hand Cream €9.99 contains no nasty greasy parabens. Beeswax, Cocoa and Shea Butters create the baseline that soften the skin, and these butters quite literally melt into the skin like butter on warm toast. Apricot oil, known for its healing and soothing properties, improves elasticity and nurses dry skin. Coconut Oil gives it a wonderful tropical aroma, but being natural oil, it also contains antibacterial properties to deep cleanse and condition the skin. All these ingredients have fatty acid components, ensuring easy absorption for deep and long lasting moisture that leaves no oily residue, just lovely soft hands. I keep this tin in a bowl beside my bed and apply it before I sleep; the smell is divine and the texture is light yet nourishing. Even when I have applied it and have to reply to e-mails on my laptop it’s light enough to not add a layer of grease to my keyboard which is a major bonus.

To deep cleanse and nourish the cuticle and nail bed, Pixy’s Lemon Cuticle Balm €5.99 in this adorable heart shaped tub is just perfect. This product is related to Coconut Hand Cream so it also contains the benefits of Beeswax, Cocoa and Shea Butters. Cuticle skin is different to the skin on our pretty paws; cuticles act like soldiers that protect the nail bed. For deep moisture Calendula oil penetrates and softens cuticles whilst feeding the nail bed. The magical zingy zesty lemon scent is created by Lemon Myrtle essential oil that also works as a strong but gentle disinfectant to heal and prevent nasty nail conditions, like *shudder fungus. I use the Coconut Hand Cream on just washed dry hands twice a day; once after a shower and once before bed. Afterwards I apply Lemon Cuticle Balm in mini circular movements around the edge of my nails. 

Read more on the Coconut Hand cream

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Magic to Touch

Waterford Today  - 1st May 2013

Pixy Glowing Body Butter is in this weeks Waterford Today Paper.

Glowing Body Butter is in this weeks Waterford Paper


Read more about our Pixy Glowing Body Butte€12.99


 April 2013



 Pixy Pedi Gift Set

by High Life of Mars   29/04/13   Blogger

So two weeks back I spoke about the Pixy Lime Body Scrub Cubes, which I picked up at the Cork City Hall Craft’s Fair. Well I also picked up this lovely Pixy Pedi Gift Set. The gift set contains two popular Pixy products, the Solid Foot Scrub and Peppermint Foot Cream.


Foot beauty products

First up is the Solid Foot Scrub. This product is such a good idea. It is basically a loofah, wrapped up in cocoa butter and essential oils. The essential oils such as citrus, lavender, tea tree and cedarwood gives it a wonderful scent, while also helping it to be antibacterial. The loofah will really help to exfoliate the feet and get rid of any dead skin, while the cocoa butter melts into the skin and moisturises the feet. Not too unlike the Lime Body Scrub Cubes, it is a dual purpose product as it exfoliates and moisturises in one step. Also similar is how slippy it will make your feet and shower floor, so be careful!



The second product in the set, the Peppermint Foot Cream, is probably my favourite Pixy product of all time. Now I am usually not the biggest fan of minty type scents but this product smells amazing. It smells almost exactly like Mint Aero bars, which I love. I honestly think I could layer this product on every night and not get sick of the scent. However it does make me crave chocolate something awful. But besides how awesome it smells, this product is actually really good for your feet. It contains lots of lovely ingredients that help soften the skin while the peppermint essential oil really helps cool down the skin. Which is lovely, if you are after giving the feet a good exfoliation.
So I really love this gift set. I think it’s a brilliant set to get anyone for their birthday or just cause. Both products are winners and at just €16.95, it’s great value too. I think any mother, sister or friend alike would love this as a gift. Or just do what I did and treat yourself!


Read more about our Pixy Pedi Gift Set €16.95




Pixy's Spa Fresh Shower Mousse - €12.95


Spa Fresh Shower Mousse from Pixy

 You are getting 300mls of product for 12.95 euro which in my eyes is well worth it believe me.

It warns you on the site to be careful while having this in the shower as the container is glass and to be honest they are right as its a very fragile glass very thin and if it did by any chance fall it will surely smash on the first fall.  This jar is actually very light weight even though it looks big which is great from travelling just make sure if you are bringing this on travel to wrap it up amongst your clothing so that if your bag falls it will not break.  Another thing I noticed is that once you open this and the pouffe is released you will have to keep the pouffe separate to keep the jar sealed if you try to put pouffe back in it will spring up and the lid will come off so wait until you have used it a while before placing it back in.  


To use you simply dip the pouffe on top of the mousse make sure not to dig in because you will take up too much.  A little goes a long long way in the above picture you will see the amount of the pouffe and that literally does your whole body because once in contact with your wet skin this amount lathers up something serious I couldnt believe it myself.  Oh boy ladies and gent the moment you apply this to your body its like rolling around on cotton wool.  It feels AMAZING!!!!! Its so soft and the scent is released straight away.  HEAVEN!!!!!

Spa Fresh smells absolutely devine.  Spa Fresh contains primrose and peach kernel oils to leave your skin soft and supple.  I actually can not describe the scent but I can tell you that it sort of reminds me of soap they made years ago the soap my mum used to buy when I was a kid.  I think it was actually the Palmolive Soap the green one.  It reminds me so much of that. So every time I have a shower with this it brings me back to my childhood :) :)  Awwwww If you want to smell extra clean this is surely the one to go for.   :) I love it :) 


The best thing about this is when i usually step out of the shower my body instantly feels dehydrated as i suffer with dry skin but with this I didnt feel the need to moisturise even though I still do anyway.  Also the scent lingers on the skin for the most part of the day which is brilliant.  Even now as i sit here typing this I am sniffing my arm and am in bliss :)  I Absolutely adore this product and I plan to stock up on more scents for sure I have already cleared an area on my dresser from them lol  Have you ever tried these if not why not believe me you will love them :) 
I hope you enjoyed my review  Check out the Pixy Website for these :) Pixy also ships internationally and there is free shipping  to all Irish customers :) 
Until Next Time 

Read more on our Spa Fresh Shower Mousse 




Every Girl's Beauty Radar

Sunday World Magazine  -28th  April 2013

Pixy Lemon Cuticle Balm featured in the Sunday World Magazine 

Sunday World Magazine Review


Read more on the Lemon Cuticle Balm 


Pixy Lime Body Cubes Review

Eimear Byrne Makeup  -18th  April 2013



I'm back again today with some more brilliant body buys!
As most of you know I went to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS back in March, and of course I had to stop by the Pixy stand to pick up some goodies :)

Prior to the show I had used several of the companies bath bombs which I adore and also their coconut lip balm. For Valentines Day I had given my auntie Edna one of the Pixy gift sets and she instantly fell in love with the products, a favourite of hers being the oatmeal soap slice!

Naturally, we couldn't wait to explore the stand at the beauty show.

I knew exactly what I wanted I was a woman on a mission, I headed straight for those blissful bath bombs! To date I have tried the Pixy Coconut (review here), Limelight and Tutti Fruity bath bombs. I received a small size version of the Limelight and Tutti Fruity Bath Bombs with my last order, as I got a taster for these two I knew I needed the full size..especially in 'Limelight'.

After reading several posts on the Lime Boy Scrub Cubes I knew I had to pick up these bad boys to see if they lived up to all the hype.
I'm delighted to say they did!


Lime Body Scrub Cubes. (€4.99)

fake tan remover from Pixy

I am always extremely weary of using new skin care products, exfoliating products in particular. I have highly sensitive skin and break out too frequently from products for my liking!
However, I am slightly put at ease and more inclined to use the product when I read that the product contains only natural ingredients. 
Which is the case with this product :)
Of course the cubes are made from mother natures finest ingredients..cocoa butter, apricot oil, vitamin E to name but a few.

First of all I will say if you are a fan of Loop the Loop Ice may have to restrain yourself. These cubes smell exactly like the ice pops, my god they are good enough to eat!


I love how versatile these little cubes are. The top of the cubes act as a moisturiser while the bottom end of the cube is ideal for exfoliating the skin.

I decided to use these while I was lying in the bath, purely because I am a bit of a clutz and knowing me I would probably have slipped in the shower haha!
I started off by using the bottom end of the cube, the exfoliating portion and lightly buffed this over my skin. I suffer from eczema and after treatment my skin can be left very dry and flaky so I was hoping the cube would remove the flaky patches. I then flipped the cube and decided to then use the moisturising side to sooth my skin.
 I was quite surprised that one little cube went along way I had some left over so I decided to use this on the sides of my feet. I did gymnastics for about 14 years so as you can imagine between chalking and tumbling my poor feet have been through the wars. The cubes made a huge difference after one use the skin on my feet was definitely not as tough to the touch.
I have found the cubes to be also brilliant for removing fake tan, not that I wear it often but at least I now know I can remove it quickly with ease by whipping out these bad boys!

Overall I am extremely impressed with these little lime cubes.
I find that some exfoliators can be quite harsh on the skin and feel quite scratchy to the surface, with the cubes this was not the case. 
My highly sensitive skin didn't suffer a break out and my eczema was not irritated, quite the opposite really!
The cubes left my skin feeling silky soft and thankfully not greasy to the touch which I find can happen with some moisturisers. 

The Lime Body Scrub Cubes retail at €4.99 for six cubes.
Another bargain buy in my opinion :)
Pixy are currently offering free postage with all orders over €10 within Ireland, perfect time to pick some goodies up if you are interested!
More information can be found on their site.

Have you tried any products from Pixy?
I'm looking for some more bargain buys to check out :D

Thanks for tuning in guys :) Eimear x


Read more about our Lime body scrub cubes €4.99

Irish Beauty Company

U Magazine  - April 2013

Pixy is featured on page 3 and also on the U Wish List page.

beauty company review

Read more on the Pixy Natural Skincare


Cellulite Body Oil

Irish Country Magazine  - April 2013

Just hit the shelves is the April – May issue of glossy mag Irish Country Magazine featuring Pixy Cellulite Body Oil.

Irish Country Magazine

Read more on the Cellulite Body Oil

Love Irish: Pixy Natural

by Anitasbeautyspot  -   12/04/13    -Beauty Blogger

I'm all about supporting Irish businesses, one such business I have developed a huge grá for is Pixy Natural

Pixy is a pure and natural beauty product range that features gorgeous bath and body products made with lots of lovely ingredients including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil and lots more. Pixy are creative in their products including a gorgeous Bath Oil 


review of Irish skincare company Pixy

I have quite a collection of Pixy including the above Bath Oil aswell as their Cleansing Mud, Bath Bombs and Cellulite Body Oil. Each time I get a Pixy lovely, I am really impressed with the scent and how well the products work. Another thing I  love is that their prices are pocket friendly and how they are always coming out with new lovelies to treat their customers with.
If you haven't checked Pixy out, I highly recommend that you do, they can be found at along with Facebook and Twitter. Delivery within Ireland is free when you spend €10 and takes 3-5 working days.



Tried and Tested: Soap and shower gel

Evening Herald  and Irish Independent  -   11/04/13    Newspaper

  Pixy Soap Slice was featured in the Evening Herald on the +11th of April in the Woman section and is now on the Independent Woman website. We are delighted it received 5 stars.

Natural Citrus Soap


I'd say 'the gloves are off', but of course, they are not. Both soap and shower gel work best with exfoliating gloves, and you end up doubly blessed: clean as a whistle and clear of all dead skin cells. But which is better value? Shower gels don't leave behind those annoying slivers; soaps don't leave a wee bit in the tube that you can never get out. Whom shall we deem winner and champion?

PIXY Citrus Spring Soap Slice, €3.99, *****

Made in Ireland and beautifully coloured, sweet smelling plus effective in the getting-your-body-clean department. I used my gloves, which I highly recommend, as you won't get much bang for your cake unless you do. The gloves help you wear down the soap more evenly -- I swear this is true -- and I didn't end up with fiddly broken shards.

Read more about our citrus soap

Battle of the Cuticle Balms - Pixy vs. Burt's Bees

by Dancing with Disaster  -   11/04/13    -Beauty Blogger

Hey ladies,

I hope you are all well. Today's post, as mentioned above is all about the cuticle balms. Honestly I find it so hard to find one that will work on my cuticles. They can be very dry and more often than not will crack and end up sore and irritated. It's not for want of taking care of them, trust me. I use a good intensive hand treatment at least three times a day and I also carry around a cuticle cream/balm/butter in my bag. So after being disappointed more than a few times, I decided to do a little research and the best reviews I could find were all about Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. So I picked it up at my local chemists. The Pixy Cuticle Balm was not an item I had planned on getting but on a trip to the Irish Beauty Show in The RDS with the girls, I picked it up at the Pixy stand. 

Burts Bees Cuticle balm

I was using the Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter for about 6 weeks before I switched to Pixy's Lemon Cuticles Balm. The difference between the two are huge. One thing I love about both though and I think it deserves an honourable mention is the scent. It is absolutely beautiful;. If someone could make a candle with this scent (believe me I have looked) I would be all over it. Both smell so yummy and fresh, it's just amazing. Anyway... on to the battle.

First up lets look at Burt's Bees offering. I've already mentioned the scent so I'm not going to go into too much detail. The lemon scent is a very natural scent, not a synthetic type smell which admittedly can be very off putting. The balm itself is incredibly thick and does take some warming up with your fingers before application. It applies on the cuticles almost like an oil slick once massaged into them. Which is fine as long as it's night time and you don't have anything to do. Now, don't get me wrong it does the job, but that oily greasy feeling is a bit of an obstacle for me. It does moisturise the cuticles but once it dries in, it seems to be back to square one. Now I did see an improvement over the few weeks I used it. But this I'm afraid just isn't holy grail material in my books.

The Pixy Lemon Cuticle Balm is my go to cuticle balm, I think it's absolutely beautiful. Its scent is zingy and fresh, and one thing that really sets it apart form it's Burt's Bees counterpart is the size. BB's is 15g in size and Pixy's is about double the size, and at €5.99 for Pixy's, it's also €2 cheaper than Burt's Bees. All that is a great plus but what really makes this product stand out to me is how it melts onto the cuticles, without being oily or greasy. It totally moisturises them and leave them feeling soft, supple and hydrated throughout the day. I have one I keep beside my bed and one I keep in my bag. I love this balm, it does exactly what it says on the tin and more than lives up to its promise. It's also made here in Ireland, which is a nice bonus as, it's always great to support Irish companies. I really think if you want to get your cuticles into great shape, you should buy this. It doesn't disappoint and it wont break the bank! The Pixy hand cream is next on my list to try after the success of this little pot of delight!

That's it for now ladies, I hope you enjoyed. Will you be trying Pixy's Lemon Cuticle Balm?! As always, let me know below.
Until next time xoxo Aundrea


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Keeping skincare natural 

by Maggie Gibbons , Mayo news -   09/04/13    -Local newspaper


Considering our skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s amazing how little we respect it, dolloping on all sorts of lotions and potions without a thought to what’s in them. Through lengthy research I recently have become more aware, and now read the ingredients carefully before I purchase. The chief culprits are parabens, which are cheap preservatives and apparently highly toxic. 

Thankfully, organic ranges are both extensive and freely available. Best of all, many of the really good ones are Irish made.

Pixy Natural Skincare is an Irish company based in Mallow, Co Cork. All products are handmade using fresh, natural ingredients. I’m a huge fan since getting a gift of the Skin Softening Oil (€9.95), which contains jojoba oil, rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Jojoba can be used on all skin types, even very oily skin, and it smells gorgeous.

Their tin of Rose Cleansing Mud (€9.50) is packed full of beauty ingredients like Rhassoul clay and red clay, both from Morocco. The product is full of minerals that benefit your skin. Everything Pixy makes is free from parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. The peppermint foot scrub (€8.49) smells great, and is full of smoothing scrubbing particles – a real treat for hard-working tootsies. Products are available at a huge selection of chemists nationwide, and can be ordered online at

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Take care of your hands with Pixy 

by Lovely Girly Bits -   08/04/13    - Beauty Blogger


I always feel sorry for my hands and nails because they're always the first things that fall to neglect.  My cuticles are always in bits, nails are weak, hands are dry and it's out of pure laziness that this all happens.  Because I work in a hospital, I'm always washing my hands and using alcohol laden hygienic foams to keep them clean and free from cooties.  So they're always really dry and

So I've decided to make a renewed effort to take better care of my paws.  Now that Joanne has moved out, I can't rely on her for some quickie nail swatches when I'm stuck, so it's time for Operation Why Aren't You Taking Care Of Your Hands You Big Lazy Oaf.

Beauty products for hands


From Irish brand Pixy, who incidentally has a new stand in one of my local chemists woo hoo!  I'll be using the Coconut Hand Cream (€9.99) to help add a bit of hydration into my hands.  First impressions are good folks.  It smells like holidays thanks to the coconut oil and it also has beeswax, cocoa and shea butter for moisturisation along with apricot oil to improve elasticity.  Despite it being a hard cream in the tin, it melts into the skin beautifully and you'll probably see me with hand to nose a lot, breathing in the gorgeous scent.

To go with that, I'll be using the Lemon Cuticle Balm (€5.99).  My poor cuticles (or cooticals as I like to say) are in flitters at the moment.  I have the worst habit of picking at any dry skin I feel in that area and so I'll be keeping this and the hand cream at my desk to stop me from doing that.  Like the coconut hand cream, this has beeswax, cocoa and shea butter along with Calendula oil which penetrates and softens cuticles.  The lemon scent is courtesy of Lemon Myrtle essential oil and makes it a joy to use.  


There you have it, and men wonder why we take so long to get ready! If only they knew what we got up too! I would love you to share your ritual with me in the comments below. Do you enjoy pampering yourself at home? I certainly enjoy the results!

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Bloggers Corner

by Irish Parent Magazine -   08/04/13    - Magazine


Irish {Parent Magazine Beauty review


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Cuticle Balm Review

by Womans Way -   08/04/13    - Magazine

hand balm

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Irish Brand Pixy Natural

Tara Makeup - Tara O' Farrell  6th April 2013  - Beauty blogger

Last week I filmed Xposé for Irish brand Pixy Natural.

For anyone that might have missed it ,check it out Here

Pixy natural skincare is made in Ireland for you from pure natural ingredients.The products smell and look good enough to eat.Pixy offer a huge selection of products ranging from body oils,bath bombs to foot scrubs and lipbalms.They also have a really nice selection of gift sets available.

I was given a gorgeous selection of Pixy goodies and have selected some of my favourites to share with my lovely readers.

1.Lime Body Scrub Cubes. (€4.99)

fake tan remover from Pixy

These sweet smelling magic cubes are a must have for fake tan users.There are 8 cubes in a pack and one cube is enough for a whole body.The cubes are made of natural ingrediants including Vitamin E,cocoa butter,Apricot oil and lime essential oil.When in the shower simply rub the rub over all areas of the body and watch your tan instantly vanish.The cubes contain micro exfoliators which remove dead skin and leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Read more about our Lime body scrub cubes


2.Almond Milk Face Scrub (€9.95)

face scrub from Pixy Natural Skincare

I am a huge fan of face scrubs and always make sure to use them twice a week.What I love about this one is how gentle it is on the skin.It is crammed with skin softening ingrediants including jojoba,buttermilk and apricot oils.My skin was quite dry due to the cold snap and it glowing after using this scrub only 3 times.

Read more about our Almond milk face scrub 


3.Lip Balm Strawberry (€3.99)

lip balm strawberry

These lipbalms are a must have! They come in chocolate,coconut,honey or mint but my personal favourite has to be the strawberry, it smells divine.The lipbalm not only smells delicious but also feels amazingly soothing on your lips too.The cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil hydrate dry lips and keep them kissably smooth all day.

Read more about our Strawberry lip balm


Visit our on-line store


Pixy Lime Body Scrub Cubes

The High Life of Mars  5th April 2013  - Beauty blogger

I have a review of these Lime Body Scrub Cubes, from the brilliant Irish brand Pixy.

fake tan remover from Pixy

So I actually bought these scrubs way back in December at the Cork City Hall Craft’s Fair. I had won a ticket to it from Pixy on Twitter and I said it would be rude not to check out their stand and maybe pick up a few bits! I got these Body Scrub Cubes, along with a Pedi Gift Set, which I’ll have a review on later in the week.

This review is going to be short and to the point. I love these little cubes of wonder. We all know I love a citrus scent and these are no exception. The lime scent is so refreshing and just smells divine. The cubes are made up of all natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, apricot oil, Vitamin E and of course lime essential oil. The little cube contains micro exfoliators that help scrub off any dead skin (or tan). As you are scrubbing away, the essential oils melt into your skin and leave it feeling lovely and silky smooth. This is a two in one product as it both exfoliates and moisturises.
These cubes of wonder (I’m sorry but the name is staying) are great value too. They cost €4.99 for 6 cubes. One cube is plenty enough to scrub your whole body and then some. I wouldn't recommend using these on your face however as they’d be too harsh. Also, a quick word of warning to clumsy people like me. The essential oils that melt onto your skin also go onto your shower floor and make it very slippy, so be careful! I nearly killed myself in the shower the first time I used them. You can buy Pixy products online or check out their list of stockists here.



Read more about our Lime body scrub cubes (€4.99)

Pixy Natural on TV3's Xposé

Xposé TV3 3rd April 2013  - National broadcaster

Xpose Television

Watch Pixy Natural on Xposé


Cellilute Body Oil Review

IT Magazine April 2013

IT MAGAZINE APRIL 2013 Cellilute Review

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Lazin’ on a Sunny Afternoon… the ‘Summertime

Onestepcloser2fabulous 02/04/2013  Blogger


cellulite body oil review


Whether you are lazing out back or heading abroad to catch your dose of ‘rays’, you’ll have to get your bumbeach/back-garden ready.  My premier treat to help shift the cottage-cheese that loves to gather around the top of our thighs is Pixy Cellulite Oil; this oil has a gorgeous texture and scent and comes in a shapely bottle. 

Combine with a bit of exercise this is just the treatment to help banish stubborn cellulite. Nice price too RRP€9.95


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 March 2013


Date Night Prep - My go to products

Adoreabubbles 29th March 2013 Blogger

Whether I'm meeting someone special or going out on a girls night I like to go through a little preparation ritual that involves the products above which I will go through shortly. Firstly I would like to express my jealousy at how men and women differ when getting ready for dates and nights out. Having three brothers has given me a great insight into the male preparation ritual. It mainly consists of a trip to the barbers, and the three S's! Shirt, shower and shave. If only us women had it so easy, aye!

Beauty Hand Cream from Pixy Natural

Hands & Nails: Final step before you can begin to worry about what to wear and make-up! You're Almost there! I like to give my hands and nails a good bit of TLC. Usually before painting my nails I will steep them in warm water for a few minutes but because I've been in the shower I don't need to do this. I love the Lemon Cuticle balm from Pixy, it smells absolutely divine and also reminds me of one of my favourite desserts, lemon drizzle cake! The packaging is so cute and can fit nicely into my every-day handbag when needed. Their Coconut Hand Cream also smells amazing and you only need smalls amounts again to get your hands looking, feeling and smelling irresistible!

There you have it, and men wonder why we take so long to get ready! If only they knew what we got up too! I would love you to share your ritual with me in the comments below. Do you enjoy pampering yourself at home? I certainly enjoy the results!

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Put your Hands Up

The Cork Independent Louise Cashell 28th March 2013 Local newspaper

Hands are so important in many ways. Our hands are constantly exposed to all sorts of elements such as the weather, air conditioning, household chemicals, gardening and much more. Pixy coconut hand cream (RRP €9.99) is made up of beeswax, cocoa and shea butters that will soften the skin and will aid healing and cleansing of the skin. Pixy lemon cuticle balm (RRP €5.99) penetrates and softens cuticles whilst feeding the nail bed and there is also a zingy lemon flavour that smells gorgeous on your hands! Pixy is available from various pharmacies across cork, for stockists go to 



Don't forget the little people ...they walk among giants

by Kerryman   27/03/13  Newspaper

I feel we have an obligation to buy Irish products whenever they are equal in terms of price, quality and value. Buying Irish means more Irish jobs and smaller dole queues. Oh My God, I sound like Eddie Hobbs.

It isn't easy for small Irish producers to get a toe in the door of the hugely competitive beauty world, where big companies with big budgets rule the roost. I've seen that Adele, the singer, has reportedly been in a bidding war with the giants of the beauty world. LOreal, Christen Dior and Estee Lauder have offered her €10 million to be the face of their company. You can see how it's very hard for two new Irish companies to compete with this.

Financial affairs aside, as I see it, the beauty business here in Ireland is making a shift towards both Irish and natural products. So, taking all this into account I found two new Irish companies that use natural ingredients, have created jobs and are very worthy of our support. To begin with let me tell a story.

Once upon a time in the enchanted forest near Magh Eala in Co Cork, pixies used their special brand of magic to create a pure, natural skin care range, harnessing the revitalizing essence of mother nature, created by hand with many suffused in essential oils. They have gels, spells, lotions and potions. I love their bath muffins, 'bath bombs', bath powders and bath oils. The magic for me is the price, with gift sets from €9.95. Now I know I am turning into Eddie Hobbs. Rose cleansing mud is very popular in Pixie land. You can guess what it smells of, it helps to get rid of toxins and at €9.95 you can't go wrong. New to Pixy is coconut hand cream. Do you remember the add on the telly years ago, where your one was on a dessert island eating her bounty bar? Well, this hand cream transports me to that island. It has beeswax, cocoa and shea butters that soften the skin. It melts on the skin like butter on warm toast. Lemon cuticle balm is €5.99 and has lemon myrtle essential oil that works as a strong but gentle disinfectant to heal and prevent nasty nail conditions. Nail beds will thank you. If you are looking for a pampering night in- try Pixy sensual bath oil. You only need to use a few teaspoons so it would last for ages and the heart shaped bottle would be fab in a bathroom. Pixy is in over 20 pharmacies in Cork and over 10 in Kerry, so spread your wings and wave your laser wand and make them appear.


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Tracey Ryan from Cork and I found her to be a very gentle, soft-spoken lady who is passionate about her work. Tracey, who studied herbal science at Cork Institute of Technology, had the idea of combining food and skin care and thus Bia Beauty was born. She uses nuts, seed oils, fruits, herbs, spices, cocoa and avocado butter to feed the skin.The media love her because she ticks all the boxes, Irish, natural products and purse friendly. Ireland AM and Expose regularly features Bia products.

Her mother and baby gift set is a hero product, a perfect gift if you know any expectant mums. It has a body butter and eye gel for mum and natural baby cream which has calendula oil, aloe vera and shea butter all of which are safe for baby and luxurious for mum. I bet Amy Hubberman received one and that Pippa O'Connor Ormond will also get one. New to the range is natural mellow mandarin moisturiser (try saying that fast) and my favourite is orange and grapefruit facial exfoliant and cleanser. There is no need for a separate cleanser and exfoliant, which makes this product a multi- tasker and time saver. It is powerful but gentle and at €16.95 good value for two products in one.

Both Pixy and Bia have great facebook pages, with all the latest beauty products and great competitions.


Coconut Hand Cream - Review

by Cork News  22/03/13  Weekly paper


Check out our Coconut Hand cream reviewed in this weeks Cork News

Review on Coconut Hand Cream

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Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud - Review

by Cuti CLUE Les  19/03/13  Blogger


 One of my favourite face products to use is a face mask. They seem to calm my skin far quicker than any gels and creams can. The Pixy Rose Cleansing mud is pretty much the same and one of my go-to products when my skin is acting up to the extremes (which is happening a lot lately)

It  looks exactly like a but of mud from the garden but don't let that fool you, the rose cleansing mud is packed with goodness, including rose water, witch hazel and chamomile powder ,that leaves my skin so smooth and clean. The one negative point I have is the smell. It smells like a farm yard. If you're from the country you'll know what I mean. It's noticeable to say the least. I use this while having a bath so you can't smell it at all. Don't be put off though because the long term benefits for your skin are well worth putting up with a bit of a pong for a couple of minutes.

I prefer mud masks to clear gels. It means I can really focus in on the ad patches and make sure those are well covered and treated. You only need to use a small amount to cover your skin completely. It' one of the best skincare items I have ever bought. The tin lasts for months but when it is empty I will repurchase.

You can pick up a tin of Rose Cleansing Mud from your local pharmacies around Ireland (listed HERE) or online at Each tin costs €9.95 for 60g. Pixy are a cruelty-free company

Learn more about the  Rose Cleansing Mud 



5 Irish Beauty Remedies to Try Instead of Boozing this Saint Patrick’s Day

by Fashionista 15/03/13  Lifestyle website

Great to see Pixy along side Guinness as a super Irish beauty brand on Fashionista

Natural Beauty Gift Sets From Irish Company

Ireland has a bit of a burgeoning green (meaning eco-friendly in this case) beauty industry. Pixy is one of a number of cosmetics companies making “natural” beauty products. Pixy’s bath and body products are super pretty–a standout is their adorable “bath muffin.” Pixy is carried all over Ireland, but they’ll definitely ship internationally. 


Learn more about our Pixy Natural Skincare




Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud - Review

by Confessions of a makeup aholicy  13/03/13  Blogger

We are delighted at receiving another positive review of our best selling Rose Cleansing Mud.

 Beauty Cleanser Mud


  I'm a big fan of Pixy products so I was delighted when their new Rose Cleansing Mud arrived just before Christmas. I've been trying this out for the last couple of months & this is yet another great product from the Irish brand.

This tin of cleansing mud is packed full of beauty clays like Rhassoul Clay from the Atlas Mountains & Red Clay both from Morocco. It's also full of minerals that benefit your skin such as silica, magnesium, potassium, & calcium & if that's not enough for you they've also added Witch hazel which helps with blemishes & irritated skin! All of these promise to help rid your skin of toxins!

 The clay itself looks just like mud & to use you just dampen a little bit of it in your hands & apply to a damp face. The clay has added rose water & rose petals that are meant to give it a rose scent but I found the scent to be very overwhelming, if you have a sensitive nose then this isn't one for you!

I've been using the clay weekly as a cleanse for my skin & it works well. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all & it leaves it feeling super soft. I really like the packaging too, the tin is a great size for travelling!

If your on the hunt for something natural to try then I would definitely recommend this for you. I've yet to be disappointed with a Pixy product! 


Learn more about our  Rose Cleansing Mud 


Pixy must cast its spell with lotions and potions over the land

Sunday Independent - Bill Cullen - On Yer Bike  10/03/2013  National Newspaper

Click on image to download high quality PDF. 

Bill Cullen Article on Pixy Natural Skincare

Pixy Honey Lip Balm

by Pinksugarsparklie  08/03/13   Blogger


lip balms

I am not usually a fan of lip balms, I hate that greasy feeling that most leave behind on your lips. Vaseline……even imagining opening the tub to apply it, makes me feel ill.
However I fell in love with this light, beautiful, sweet fragranced balm. It applies smooth and not too thick. it also absorbs really well.It contains sweet almond oil, honey oil, shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter.
My lips are now perfectly buffed and moisturised for the weekend and it’s a definate must have for my makeup bag.
Love it! x


Read more about our Lip Balms

Cellulite Body Oil Review

RSVP Magazine - Kate Noonan alias Lippy 08/03/2013  Lifestyle Website


cellulite body oil review 


I’ve found the cure to cellulite!

Don’t get too excited! It’s not as easy as slapping on some wonder lotion. Unfortunately the best results I’ve had as of late are from exercise. Condescending I know but nothing’s better to boost circulation and improve tone. When you think of the other benefits (increased fitness levels, prolonged life, improved health, boosted energy, all round well being and not to mention a rockin’ body) it works out cheaper in the long run. Or great value for money at least. Tot up the amount we spend on supplements, creams, potions and lotions and look at the cost of a gym membership? Bout the same? For me anyway, considering how much my beauty addiction costs me.

Made with avocado oil to combat troublesome skin, sweet almond oil to sooth and condition, cypress oil is added to improve circulation, grapefruit oil to rid you of that stubborn cellulite and fennel oil to rid you of toxins. Hungry? Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it? The scent is incredible too, I detected that liquorice scent immediately. Even the bottle looks inspired by up market deli style condiments. Like something you wouldn’t find out of place on Rachel Allen’s kitchen island.

If we are what we eat then I like to think what we slather on ourselves matters too. I wouldn’t be too earth mother about it (especially when I enjoy the odd tipple and sneaky smoke!) but I like to see the power of what Mother Nature has to offer before going down the synthetic, chemical route.

I like Pixy’s ethos and they’re guaranteed Irish . Handmade, natural, minimal packaging yet luxurious. I’ve been using the body oil every day targeting my legs only and there is an improvement in my skins condition. Not that anyone sees them when they’re trapped in tights, leggings and trousers in this country but hopefully they’ll get an airing soon. And when they do, I’ll be like yer wan off the Gillette Venus ad!

Check Pixy out online at or at a huge selection of pharmacies and stockists nationwide. 40mls of Cellulite body oil will set you back €9.95 and shipping is free on orders over €10.  Check out their web page for gift sets and ideas for Mother’s Day.


Read more on the Cellulite Body Oil



Mothers' Day Gift Ideas

by Glitter Mama Wishes  06/03/13 Irish Beauty Blogger

Mothers Day is on Sunday, wow, that flew in!?  I put together some nice gift ideas,  most of the below are Irish too ;)

Mothers Day Gift Ideas


3. Gift Set ideas from Pixy Natural – Loads of gift sets to choose from this natural skin care company. Other beautiful pampering goodies can be found on their site also.

Check out the Pixy Gift Sets  


Body Brillance

Make Up Fairy - Joanne Larby 06/03/2013  Blogger


Read full review

cellulite body oil review 




Read more on the Cellulite Body Oil




Mammys Day Ideas

by Make Up Monster  05/03/13 Irish Beauty Blogger

Where would we be without our mammy’s love? Picking a gift is a very personal thing as every mother is unique but here’s some of my picks of lovely pressies that any mammy, mam, mum, mummy, mother or ma would be happy to receive and all without breaking the budget!

 Mammy Day ideas


Pixy Lemon Cuticle Balm Heart €5.99

Pixy Solid Heart Foot Scrub €6.95





Mothers' Day

by Anitas Beauty Spot.  05/03/13 Irish Beauty Blogger

Mother's Day is this Sunday. As usual there are heaps of beauties to chose from to show a little love to your Mum. Here are some of my personal favorites.

mothers day gift set

Gift includes contains a mini creamy strawberry shower mousse, a 'tutti fruity' bath bomb, a 50ml glowing body butter and 4 mini heart-shaped lime scrubs.

Learn more about the Gift Set Pixy Magic Strawberry €19.95 


Pixy Bath Bombs

by Xpose Magazine -   02/03/13    - Magazine

We are delighted to have our Honeysuckle soap featured in the March edition of Xpose Magazine

Xpose Ireland Beauty Review

 Learn more about the Honeysuckle Soap €5.49

Mothers Day Gift Ideas With Pixy

by What They Wore  -   02/03/13    - Lifestyle website

Unless you are living under a rock you will be aware that Mothers day is around the corner. We are going to be putting together a number off different lists inspiration that will help you get the perfect present for your mom this coming Mothers day. We strongly suggest that any mothers out there reading this right now show this to their significant other and children in order for them to get your gift just right this year!

The first in our selection is a range of gift boxes from Pixy Natural Skincare. As a female we are very familiar with the risk of gifting a ‘pamper’ gift. They are a bit of a bummer of a gift. As 1, they don’t really pamper and 2, the quality is often poor. Our selection on the other hand we think will only impress. We have written about Pixy cosmetics before here.

We have chosen three pamper boxes that are truly going to their job! What is great about each of these sets is that they come already pre-packed. If this is not your style why not have a look at the full collection on their website and make up your own gift basket.


Gift set ideas


  1. This gorgeous gift box contains wonderfully absorbing softening body oil in a beautiful heart-shaped bottle, a gently cleansing heart-shaped scented soap, creamy strawberry lip balm, conditioning cuticle balm in a cute heart-shaped tin, adorable heart-shaped lime body scrubs and a fizzing tutti fruity bath bomb. – €29.95
  2. This gorgeous gift box contains a beautiful heart shaped bottle of sensual bath oil, a gently cleansing soap slice, a creamy bath muffin and plenty of bath bombs. ***the picture shows one example of the combination of flavours for each product that the Pixys will pick out for your special gift box. Bottles and jars may also vary depending on suppliers but will always be gorgeous! – €22.95
  3. This magnificent gift contains a luxurious strawberry shower mousse, a deliciously softening heart-shaped massage bar with aduki beans to stimulate the skin, a gently cleansing heart-shaped scented soap, a moisturising loofah foot scrub in a pretty flower shape, a conditioning foot cream in a cute heart-shaped tin and adorable heart-shaped lime body scrubs. – €39.95


Sounds amazing doesn’t it? We wouldn’t mind picking up one for ourselves. What makes this even better is that Pixy Cosmetics have free delivery on all orders over €10 in Ireland! You can check out the full range here  Check back soon for our next installment of what to get the aul mammy!

PS: Mothers day is on the 10th of March this year.

Read more about Pixy Gift Set Ideas

Pixy Bath Bombs

by KISS Magazine -   01/03/13    - Magazine

We are delighted to have our Pixy Bath Bomb featured in March edition of Kiss Magazine

 Kiss Magazine featuring a Pixy Bath Bomb


Be amazed by our  Bath Bombs


 February 2013


With Love from Pixy - Everything You Need For A Pampering Night In And Free Delivery

by Dolly Rouge  19/02/13 Irish Beauty Blogger

In case we haven’t wittered on about them enough, let me tell you now we LOVE Irish beauty brand Pixy. All of their products are pure and simple, with nothing but the best effective, natural ingredients. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the Pixy love and tell you about their February free delivery offer when you spend €10. Go on, support Irish products and love your skin while you’re at it! In case you’re wondering what to get, we’ve got two ingredients for a pampering night in below.

Pixy Sensual Bath Oil €9.95 

Body Oil

Pixy Sensual Bath Oil contains sweet almond oil, which is an excellent emollient, to nourish and condition winter ravaged skin. You only need add a couple of teaspoons of this to running water, so if money is a tight and bath products a luxury a little of this goes a long way. The gentle waterlily fragrance is pleasant, but not overwhelming, for those of you who hate being hit over the head with perfume *cough*Lush*cough*. All in all it lends itself to creating a spa-like indulgent bathing experience at home. Add in a few candles and some soothing music and you’re there!

Rose Cleansing Mud  €9.95

 Rose Cleansing Mud

 While luxuriating in my bath I like to apply Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud all over my face and neck. Containing Moroccan rhassoul mud, red clay and witch hazel, this is a powerful detoxifying treatment for oily or congested skin. It combines gentle physical exfoliation from the clay grains, with subtle chemical exfoliation (my favourite kind!) from the lactic acid containing buttermilk. Even with such powerhouse grease busters, it still manages to be be gentle thanks to rosewater, rose petals and chamomile. This is a very well-balanced deep cleansing treatment, which won’t leave you red-faced and spotty the next day. Love.

Read more about  our very popular Rose Cleansing Mud 




Mud Magic

by Make Up Fairy  14/02/13 Irish Beauty Blogger

Rose Cleansing Mud beauty Product



Read more about  our very popular Rose Cleansing Mud 


Classic Hits 4FM Interview with Beauty Blogger Sarah Jane. Click on image to hear the interview.


4FM Radio Beauty Review

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud Review

by Ninas Bargain Beauty  13/02/13  Blogger  

We are delighted at receiving another positive review of our best selling Rose Cleansing Mud.

 Beauty Cleanser Mud



Let me just tell you this is perfect for everyone with every skin type and the ingredients is even more interesting.  
Some of the ingredients is specially got from Morocco.  For instance Rhassoul Clay is one of the most perfect clays in the world as it contains ingredients that strongly absorbs all the bad stuff on your face and cleanses those deep impurities you have which is suppose to leave you skin conditioned and moisturised.  There is also another clay from Morocco called Red Clay which is full of natural exfoliates which gently remove dry and dead cells.  This is also rich in Iron which is suppose to improve the circulation of the skin and is also perfect for oily skin. Other ingredients such as Witch Hazel acts as an antiseptic.  Rose petals and rose water awwww the list is endless but all natural :) 



Ok Now for my overall opinion !!!!!
Let me tell you now I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!
This is amazing I really mean that I use this once a week because that is all you need.  My face Feels smoother than every after using this and i have my favourite face products that leave my face smooth but I have to admit nothing as smooth as this product.  
What better is and I am sure alot of you out there will know what i mean when I say after I wash, ex foliate  cleanse and tone my face I always find a tightness around my bottom half of my face sometimes where I suffer dryness and the only way to get rid of that is to moisturise which I always do.  But after using this product I never feel that tightness I honest don't its amazing After about an hour if I don't moisturise I do feel a tiny bit of tightness but not half as much after anything else i use now that's a bonus.  I highly highly recommend this to you all to try :) 


Learn more about our  Rose Cleansing Mud 



Meet my Pixy Valentine - Heart Shaped Body Scrubs - €3.95 

by Cuti CLUE Les  12/02/13    Blogger

body scrubs review

Pixy is one of my favourite brands for skincare. I love their ethics and the people are just such sweethearts it's so hard not being able to buy from them more often! Thankfully they have a free shipping deal on for Irish customers at the moment when you spend over €10. I placed my order last week and decided the Pixy Lime body scrubs were too adorable to miss! The heart shapes are perfect for valentines day (or just as a pretty present for yourself) I adore anything lime scented and I could not wait to try these out.

I love the heart shape. It makes them far easier to grab a hold of and work into the skin. The smell is divine and the fact they have essential oils in them means you don't have to worry about moisturizing afterwards. Great if you travel a lot ,or are just a tad lazy like myself ;) One little heart will cover you from neck to toe (don't use them on your face!) and you'll feel squeaky clean afterwards.

The Pixy Lime body scrubs come in a pack of 8 (95g) for €3.95. Pixy make the best smelling products on the market. I am addicted to their scrubs and no doubt I'll be buying more with this free shipping offer going on until the end of February. The lime body scrubs make a great gift whatever the occasion.


Learn more about Pixy  Heart Shaped Body Scrub Cubes 





Valentine Day Gift Ideas - €29.95 

by Anitas Beauty Spot  11/02/13    Blogger

Valentine Gift Hamper

This gorgeous gift box contains wonderfully absorbing softening body oil in a beautiful heart-shaped bottle, a gently cleansing heart-shaped scented soap, creamy strawberry lip balm, conditioning cuticle balm in a cute heart-shaped tin, adorable heart-shaped lime body scrubs and a fizzing tutti fruity bath bomb.


Learn more about Pixy  Love Gift Sets





Valentine gifts from Pixy Natural

by Glitter Mama Wishes  11/02/13  Beauty  Blogger

Valentine Gifts


Weather you’re into Valentines Day or not every girl loves pampering lotions and potions. Pixy do just that and are an Irish company too :)

The Bath Oil contains  Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E so it’s incredibly moisturisingand my skin felt silky smooth after my bath. I was worried I would feel really oily as I don’t think I’ve tried a bath oil before but as I say my skin just felt so conditioned. 

It also has glitter, my favourite :) so this is a lovely touch too, make sure to shake it before you put some in your bath.
You only need 2 tea-spoons of this and wow, the smell (water lillies) when you come back into the bathroom after leaving the bath to run is so beautiful, very relaxing. The water will also have a hue of blue to it, cool huh!!?


This is €9.95 and well worth it, a little goes a long way and when it’s all gone the love heart-shaped bottle will be going into my craft room to be jazzed up and make a pretty decoration!

The Soap costs €5.49 is also nice, I just love the 3-D design on it. This contains cocoa butter which is a favourite of mine as it’s so moiturising. This soap is fine to use on all skin types, even people with eczema and dermatitis believe it or not.

It also has Macadamia Nut Oil packed in their too which contains fatty acids and B vitamins (learn something new everyday) to keep skin soft and hydrated and protects skin cells from deterioration……… likey!! See it’s not just a pretty soap ;)

I also love this massage bar with aduki beans, gonna get this for my bf give him a nice Valentine’s back massage as he has bad muscle pain, so I think this would be nice for a massage to knead sore muscles, I may get one in return too lol ;)

You can buy these products and more from Pixy Natural’s website, there are loads of other beautiful gifts and gift sets.
They have free delivery on all orders over €10 to celebrate their new Valentine’s collection

Read more about  our beautifully hand made Valentine Beauty Gifts



Pixy Love

by Adorea Bubbles  08/02/13  Beauty  Blogger

Beauty Products Gifts


Pixy have you sorted this year for pampering with a lovely selection of soaps, lotions and potions. 
First up is the Sensual Bath Oil €9.99 for 100ml. This Bath oil will have your skin feeling and smelling great. I love that it contains just a touch of glitter, every bath should! A little goes a long way, just shake it up and pour two teaspoons in with your bath. The packaging is lovely, I know I'll be re-using it for something else as soon as it's empty. 
Next up is the Honeysuckle Soap €5.95 for 60g. It's so pretty it's almost wrong to use it! That's what treating yourself is all about, doing/using something you wouldn't normally have the time or chance to. This soap is such a treat. It also contains nourishing ingredients to keep your skin feeling and looking great. Cocoa butter and Macadamia oil are two of my favourite ingredients when it comes to showing my skin how much I care for it!

Both the Sensual bath oil and the Honeysuckle soap are suitable for all skin types and are perfect if you suffer from dry skin. You can check out the rest of their Valentines beauty gifts and gifts sets HERE. I have my eyes on the Lime body scrub hearts, they look so cute and sound great for the quick showers.

How do you feel about Valentines day? Am I putting my foot in it for asking! I do enjoy when brands go out of their way to bring us something new and fun. Thank you Pixy!

Read more about  our beautifully made Valentine Beauty Gifts




Tried and Tested: Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by RTE Lifestyle online- Georgina Heffernan  07/02/13    

We are delighted at receiving a detailed review with a rating of 9/10 for our Rose Cleansing Mud.

 Beauty Cleanser Mud


Mud, mud, glorious mud; let the minerals into your skin.

When I first opened the tin, I was confused at the colour of this dark earthy stuff, but that’s because it is so heavily crammed with the best beauty clays on earth.

Rhassoul Clay comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This Spa quality clay is one of the most perfect clays in the world. Ideal for all skin types, it is pumped with minerals such as silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It strongly absorbs all the bad stuff, and cleanses, targeting those deep down impurities, leaving your skin revitalised and conditioned, naturally improving the texture of the skin.

The other potent ingredient is Red Clay also from Morocco, with natural exfoliants, which gently removes dry and dead skin cells. For good measure, Rose Cleansing Mud also consists of Witch hazel that contains amazing antiseptic properties, not forgetting Kelp, Buttermilk and Vanilla powders that eliminate and help flush those nasty toxins. Rose petals and rose water give it a lovely romantic scent.

More than just a cleanser, this is a beauty ritual in a tub, which will transform the condition of your skin. I washed it off after five minutes and my skin felt velvet soft and deeply cleansed. It is gentle enough to use on all skin types. 9/10


Learn more about our  Rose Cleansing Mud 



January Favourites 

by Not Just Inside  05/02/13 Irish Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Rose Cleansing Mud beauty Product

Pixy Cleansing Mud: This is another product that is lasting ages, This little pot of cleanser is a fantastic exfoliator, and makes my skin feel really deep cleansed.


Read more about  our very popular Rose Cleansing Mud 




 January 2013


Valentines Gift Sets - €29.95 - €39.95

by Cherry Sue Do in the Do  30/01/13    Blogger

Valentine Gift Hamper

Finally, from my favourite Irish Natural Skincare brand, bar none, comes the Valentine's gift set. Lovingly prepared (I know, I've seen the photos) by the diligent Pixy team in Co Cork, this bath time bonanza will stock the bathroom in Casa Cherry beautifully. Fantastic value for money and pretty much guaranteed bath time bliss, Pixy are definitely onto a winner with this one. 

And that's them, the three gift sets that will mysteriously appear in my possession this Feb 14th, once I've melted my Laser just a little bit. As my mother would say 'Good to yourself, aren't you?' Yes, Momma, yes I am. 

Learn more about Pixy  Valentine Gift Sets



Pixy Valentine Hamper - €29.95 - €39.95

by Belle Morte Beauty  28/01/13    Blogger

Valentine Gift Hamper

The Pixy Valentine Hamper contains:

  • Pixy Strawberry Shower Mouse in popular vintage candy jar
  • Pixy Heart Shaped Vetiver soap that will have you all loved up
  • Pixy Rose Hand Balm in a generous heart shaped tin for confident hand holding
  • 4 Pixy Body Scrubber Hearts
  • Pixy Blossom Foot Scrub for playing footsies and tootsies
  • Pixy Scented Heart Soap
    This looks gorgeous! Beautifully gift wrapped and stocked with lots of Pixy goodness! I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of one of these come February 14th, alas I think I need to find a prince charming before then, so I won't  get my hopes up on this one! ;)

Learn more about Pixy  Gift Sets




Beauty - Buying Irish

by Weekend Magazine - Daily Mail  27/01/13  

A piece from Laura Bermingham’s beauty page in the Weekend Magazine of the Daily Mail about buying Irish.

Beauty products Review in the Daily mail Ireland

Learn more about our Pixy Natural Skincare 





Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by Belle Morte Beauty  27/01/13    Blogger

Beauty Products - Rose Cleansing Mud


This little tin is densely packed to the brim full of deep down cleansing Rhassoul Clay and Red Clay from Morocco, which is full of minerals and antioxidants. There's also witch hazel added as an astringent., along with lots of different powders, including buttermilk and vanilla to detoxify and moisturise. You'll also find rosewater and rose petals in the mix to fragrance it.

I've read some reviews where people weren't too keen on the scent of this, however I have to say that I adore it - it reminds me of luxurious chocolate truffles - not a rose scent as I was expecting! I get a very definite chocolate aroma off this, which is no doubt down to the addition of cocoa powder in the formulation.


Learn more about Pixy  Rose Cleansing Mud 


Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by Anita's Beauty Spot  21/01/13    Blogger

 Beauty Cleansing Rose Mud


This lovely looks like dried mud, as at first sight I was intrigued. This is full of lovely ingredients including Red Clay, Witch Hazel and Buttermilk and it's mission is to cleanse, detoxify and moisturise. Pixy have used rose water and rose petals to fragrance the cleansing mud.  With all the stress I have been under since Christmas, I have had major breakout issues but after using this, they cleared up quickly and even better I have had no more nasties show up.


Learn more about our  Rose Cleansing Mud 

Naturally Does it - Beauty Goes Green

by Womans Way Magazine 21/01/13  

Beauty product review from Womans Way magazine


Learn more about our  Rose Cleansing Mud 

Beauty Review: Pixy Tutti Fruity

by Madames Madeup 18/01/13  Blogger

Beauty bath bombs

Once added to the bath the glitter floats on the water as the rest of the bath bomb is dissolved.


The glitter on the product looks pretty. I didn't find my body was covered in glitter or anything - which is good as they are pretty big chunks of glitter. There is a very light fragrance to the bath. (I had to blow out my candle to make sure I wasn't smelling my Yankee). I also received a "Lime Light Bath Bomb" which I've yet to use. 
I think these are great for presents for anyone that loves a nice relaxing bath. I might just have to try out a full size one to see how it compares to the smaller size.

Read more about the Tutti Fruity Bath Bomb  €3.95




Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by Viva Adonis  17/01/13  Blogger

Rose Cleansing Mud beauty Product

Pixy's Rose Cleansing Mud is a total gem of a skincare product. I've been using in since just before Christmas, and can say with conviction that it has really helped my skin to stay clear and less oily over the last few weeks. 

 I do think that 'cleansing mud' isn't the ideal description for this product. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff, but to me, this is an exfoliating, deep skin treatment and not really just a 'cleansing' one. I often use it before a shower, by rubbing it all over my face to combat dead skin, and then leaving it on for a couple of minutes (not very long) as a kind of mask to let the mud really do it's thing on my skin - see the damning evidence below! When I've rinsed and dried my face, it feels really soft, comfortable and smooth with no tightness or dryness.

So, there you have it - that's what I do with this stuff and what it does for me. I think that this would work for almost any skin except if you are really dry, and I really recommend it if you have an oily skin type that you're struggling to rebalance. Using this has definitely reduced the oil in my skin without dehydrating it and I think it's a fantastic product. Best still, it's €9.95 - very affordable and a much better and smarter buy than a lot of the synthetic exfoliators and face masks that are on the cheaper end of the skincare market.

Read more about  Rose Cleansing Mud 




Pixy Natural Skincare: Soaps & Bath Muffins

by What They Wore  10/1/13  Blogger

Pixy Beauty Products

Pixy has a magnificent range of  different scents to choose from. What is fantastic about Pixy natural soaps is that they wont affect the most sensitive of skin, and as we all know, products that claim to be gentle for those with sensitive skin can still irritate as these products tend to include  chemical ingredients

As much as I loved the bath muffins there is one drawback, because of all the oil that is in each bath muffin it can make the bath very slippy, I am not sure if I just didn’t have enough water in the bath or not, but it is something to take into account and be aware of. If you are going to try the bath muffins maybe only use half of each muffin to avoid this happening.

Putting the minor slipup (pun intended) to one side the oils that are in the bath muffins are fantastic for moisturising your skin and like all Pixy products the smell is just to die for! In fact I felt I didn’t have to wear perfume because the smell just stays with you throughout the day!




Pixy Natural Skincare Company

by Glitter mama Wishes 09/01/13   Blogger


Beauty Products Review
Excellent review on the Pixy Solid foot scrub , Bath muffin and the Pixy bath Bomb gift sets from Glitter mama Wishes.

Solid Foot Scrub: €8.95
Isn’t the foot shape just the cutest! Wee little toes and all hehe!  This has a loofah at the other side with softening cocoa butter and almond oil. It also contains some lovely smelling essential oils and tea tree and neem oil which have antibacterial properties!

I really enjoyed using this, though I do have super ticklish feet haha! My feet are so much softer and smoother, great to have after long winter months stick in boots.

Bath Bombs Gift Set (4): €9.95
You get a surprise of 4 bath bombs in this set. I used the Tutti Fruity one coz it had glitter of course! I didn’t find the smell as strong as I would have liked off this but that could have been my cold also. (4th week now, can’t shift it grrr!) And no, don’t worry you won’t come out covered in glitter when you get out lol ; )

Bath Muffins Gift Set : €9.95
Amazing is all I can say!


Deep Breaths Relax Thanks to Pixy 

by Dolly Rouge  07/01/13  Blogger

Muscle Soothing Bath Salts from Pixy Natural

Pixy have only gone and done it again with another brilliant offering for those of you in need of a bit of relaxation and deep breathing! Their Muscle Soothing Bath Salts contain black pepper oil, rosemary essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil to ease your aches and pains, while the Dead Sea salts gently exfoliate and refresh your skin.

I am a huge fan of bath salts in general, particularly anything containing Epson salts so when  I read the description on Pixys website I knew I had to invest. I picked the salts up for €9.95 in my local chemist Doyles of Athy and used them when I had a particularly shitty flu before the Christmas break. I ran a super hot bath (If I don’t emerge pink then the bath isn’t hot enough for me!) and I threw in two tablespoons of the salts.  Immediately the Eucalyptus oil started to fill up the air and I found myself breathing a little bit easier before I had even put a toe in the water.


Buy Pixy Bath Muscle Soothing Salts 



Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by High Life of Mars  07/01/13  Blogger

Rose Cleansing Mud beauty Product

The Rose Cleansing Mud comes in a little tin and is made up of some beautiful natural products. It contains two clays from Morocco including Red Clay, a great natural exfoliant, especially good for oily skin and Rhassoul Clay, clay that contains loads of nutrients and helps to remove all the bad stuff out of your skin.  And exfoliate does it! Basically what you do is take a teaspoon amount of the clay, mix with water to make a paste and massage it onto your face. Then simply rinse. But once you rinse you will definitely notice the difference to your skin. I found this removed all my dead skin, leaving it lovely and smooth and left just a lovely glow or radiance to the skin. I really noticed the difference to my skin after using it.

Real more about  Rose Cleansing Mud 

Magic Skin

by U Magazine  06/01/13  Publication

Pixy gets a mention in U magazine where you can win a Beauty Gift Set.


Beauty Review


Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by Not Just Inside 02/101/13   Blogger

Pixy Natural Rose Cleansing Mud
The Cleansing mud comes in a small tin, but the product will last you quite a while as only a small amount is needed,  The mud itself is made up of different types of clays, and is chock full of minerals and antioxidants, perfect for a post Christmas skin detox. I used this 3 times for the first week and 2 times in the second week and now Im going to use it for a weekly treat as the clay is so deep cleansing you wouldn't need to use it every day. 


Buy  Rose Cleansing Mud €9.95




 December 2012


Love is in the Air

by Cuti CLUE Les 26/12/12   Blogger


bath oil
The Pixy Sensual bath oil smells so good. It's so fresh and inviting. Normally I load my bath with radox bubble bath and salts (and what ever else I find to throw in and make it all nice and soft) but with this bath oil I didn't need anything else. It leaves the water so soft and the smell relaxes you so much that you forget about anything else that happened during the day. The glass bottle looks gorgeous sitting next to your bath and I love the cork top!  Price €9.99 for 100ml

natural soap

 Honeysuckle Soap I am a sucker for soap but I think the Pixy Honeysuckle soap is one of the cutest and most striking bars I have ever used. Like all Pixy products it smells absolutely wonderful and I love the design. You feel so bad using it because it is so pretty but it's worth it. I would definitely recommend using this in the morning because the smell really leaves you feeling fresh and awake. Price €5.49 for 60g.





Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

by What They Wore  19/12/12   Blogger

Pixy Beauty Products

 Pixy is a very fast up and coming brand in the Irish beauty world. They offers a wide range of bathing products and all the ingredients are natural and hand made. Having natural ingredients in bathing products is important, as they tend to be more effective in replenishing your skin.  They also add a little bit more luxury to the usual bathing routine...

Read full post




A Present with a Heart

by The Star Newspaper 17/12/12   

Present with a Heart




Christmas Gift Sets for your Shopping Lists

by Limerick Post  15/12/12   Newspaper

Christmas Gift Ideas with limerick Post

Pixy Presents

by Joanna Larby   15/12/12   Blogger

 christmas gift ideas

Joanne added the full selection of Pixy gifts sets to her wishlist for Christmas.

Go to irish Gift Sets page

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

by Leanne Woodful  13/12/12   Blogger

Leanne Woodful posted a last minute Christmas gift guide for shoppers which included the Pixy Fun Gift Set.

Pixy Fun Christmas Gift Set


Buy Pixy Fun Gift Set 


Womens Stocking Fillers

by Anitas Beauty Spot 11/12/12   Blogger

when it comes to Christmas.While I'm excited to see what's under the tree,I'm even more excited to see what's in my Christmas stocking. If any of these were in my stocking I would be a very happy camper. 

....Read full beauty post 

Buy  Mint Lip Balm €3.99




Pixy Handmade Soap Gift Set

by Not Just Inside  11/12/12   Beauty Blogger


Natural Soap Slices


Pixy also do gift sets, like this Trio Of Soap Slices €9.95, These handmade soaps make a great gift, or you could do what I'm doing and hog them all to yourself, they smell fresh and fruity and leave behind a wonderful scent. 

..... Read complete blog post

Go To Soap slices gift set


Hello Irish Sites - Our Favourite Five Irish Online

by Dolly Rouge  10/12/12   Blogger

We are delighted to have been recommended by Dolly Rouge as one of their favourite Irish on-line stores.

 Pixy beauty Online Store

Pixy are an Irish brand that sell their wares online but who have also branched out into stocking chemists nationwide. I fell in love with them earlier on this year and I really do love them longtime! Their products use only the finest ingredients and are super indulgent. My must haves from them are their Bath Muffins and Bath Salts. Check ‘em out; you won’t regret it!

Go to Pixy On-line Beauty Store





Pixy Bath Bomb Gift Set

by Confessions of a makeupaholic   07/12/12   Blogger

 christmas gift ideas

Bath Bomb Gift Set. In the set you get four bath bombs & each set is a surprise combination! In mine I got Tutti Fruity, Honey, Lavender & Lime. I brought these with me on holidays & I fell in love after the first time using one!

..... Read complete blog post

Go to Bath Bomb Gift Set page




Christmas Gift Guide 2012: For Her

by Fluff and Fripperies 07/12/12   Blogger


bath bombs


Who doesn’t love a bath bomb? Pixy is Ireland’s natural skincare range  – and these babies are hand-made using all sorts of lovely ingredients. The Jingle Bombs set is €9.99 for 4 – individually, they’re €2.99.


Go to Bath Bombs page




Christmas With Pixy!

by Confessions of a makeupaholic  05/12/12   Blogger

beauty products for Christmas


Everything they make is made by hand, free from parabens & SLS's, they don't use any animal by products & they only use ingredients that haven't been tested on animals. Sounds impressive right? Well take a look at what they have on offer for Christmas....

Pixy have Christmas covered for everyone this season, no matter what your budget is.

....Read full beauty post 


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 November 2012



Festive Feet: Pixy Pedi Gift Set

by Bright and Beautyfull   29/11/12   Blogger

foot scrub

It is a clever and cute giftie from Pixy, Ireland’s natural beauty brand. Based in Co Cork, they’ve made a splash — ha, ha — with their bath bombs and bath muffins, bringing not only jobs to the south, but also clever and beautiful products for the rest of us to try.

I love the bit of ivy! Well, you know, it’s not real, but everything else about this is. The foot scrub is loaded with cocoa butter, and the peppermint foot cream with… yeah, you can figure that on your own.

..... Read complete blog post

Go to Love your feet page




Pixy Bath Bombs Gift Set

by Ninas Bargin Beauty   30/11/12   Blogger

 christmas gift ideas

I am amazed at how affordable the are.  The gift sets starts from 9.95 euro which is what this gift set of bath bombs cost :) You can get the perfect hampers containing plenty of luxuries perfect for mum, grandmother, aunt, sister or even yourself ;)  So now that I have told you a little about the company and what they offer let me go onto my review of these Bath Bombs...

..... Read complete blog post

Go to Bath Bomb Gift Set page





Pixy Natural Bath Oil and A Very Cute Soap

by Anitas Beauty Spot 29/11/12   Blogger


bath oil
(€9.95) comes ina gorgeous heart shaped bottle and is suitable for all skin types. Ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E so it is ideal for giving your skin a treat on these cold days. There is also a hint of glitter in this bath oil. I've used this twice and my skin feels gorgeous. All you need to do is add two teaspoons of oil to warm running water and mix it into the water

natural soap

 Honeysuckle Soap (€5.49) is sucha  cute soap, as soon as I saw it, I immediately went Aaaaw! This soap is made with luxurious cocoa butter and macadamia oil and has a gorgeous floral scent.All skin types can benefit from this soap but it is especially good for dry or ageing skin. 

....Read full beauty post 




Christmas Ideas for the Girls

by Make up Monster 29/11/12   Blogger


Sensual Bath oil

 Irish brand, Pixy which are gaining serious kudos for their gorgeous goodies that are incredibly good value. This heart shaped bath oil is infused with serious oils (and a hint of glitter) to make you feel extra glam while you’re giving  your skin a winter treat! A steal at €9.95 and ...


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Gnarled hands and Flaky Lips Begone!

by Make up Monster 28/11/12   Blogger


lip balms

A slick of this Pixy balm will give some serious TLC, great for just before bed so you’ll wake up lips ready for some lipstick!


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by  27/11/12

 Sensual Bath oil

Pixy a homegrown natural cosmetics line and this Sensual Bath Oil, €9.95, makes for a great pampering gift this Christmas. With water lily, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, this softens skin and makes it smell amazing. Love the heart shaped bottle, too – it’s €9.95.

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All I want for Christmas..Part 2

by Cuti-CLUE-Les   27/11/12   Blogger

 christmas gift ideas

Another edition of the Christmas list. This time I'll focus on Pixy stocking fillers! All of these items cost less than €10 so really get some amazing items for your money. Pixy...

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Christmas Gifts from Pixy

by A Pretty Obsession 25/11/12   Blogger

 Bath bomb gift set


This is a gorgeous set for Bath Bomb lovers, the Pixy Bath Bomb Gift Set. It contains 4 of their popular bath bombs and again the selection you receive will be a surprise. They have beautiful scents available like Lavender, Tutti Fruity and Strawberry. The set of four will cost you €9.95 but these are also available individually at €2.99. They also do a range of Hidden Surprises Bath Bombs which I think are a really cute idea, it's like a Kinder Surprise for adults, and these are €3.70.


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Lip service with Pixy lip balms

by Limerick Post 24/11/12   newspaper


Pixy Lip Balms are featured on page 44 of the Limerick Post by Olivia O’Sullivan.


pixy beauty review




Christmas Gift Ideas: Pixy Bath Bombs (Buy Irish)

by Leanne Woodful  23/11/12   Blogger

 Bath bomb gift set


Many of us are looking to buy Irish this year, to support local businesses and such. I've blogged about Pixy before; the wonderful Irish skincare company that sell everything from bath bombs, to foot scrubs. They're amazing! They have a ton of Christmas sets up on their website, with a whole bunch of different products and price ranges. I'm a complete bath lover, so I was over the moon....


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All I want for Christmas..

by Cuti-CLUE-Les   20/11/12   Blogger

  Pixy Beauty Pedi Gift Set

With Christmas rapidly approaching I thought it would be handy to highlight some nice gifts that you you give (or keep for yourselves  ;) ) this Christmas. I'm going to keep them fairly under budget because it's hard going, especially in Ireland  I know everyone feels like they can't buy anything good with little money but you can! Trust me!...

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Bath time treats from Pixy

by lovelygirliebits  19/11/12   Blogger

bath bombs

 Pixy Bath Bombs - These smell gorgeous and at €9.95, you can do a few things here.  You can either give these as a Secret Santa present.  Or you could split them up into four different bath bombs and make up your own little hamper for four friends, splitting up any gift sets you pick up along the way...

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Christmas Gift Guide Stocking Fillers from Pixy

by Dolly Rouge  19/11/12   Blogger

gift sets from Pixy natural

we decided to start with our new favourite Irish brand Pixy. Pixy are the finest purveyors of natural beauty products in Ireland, with myself and Kat being huge fans. We have tried and tested numerous products and...

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 Beauty - Trued and Tested

by Joanne Larby 18/11/12   Blogger

softening body oil

....Read full post.


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Christmas With Pixy Natural

by anitas Beauty Spot 16/11/12   Blogger

christmas gift sets


They have a fantasic range of products which can be seen on their website  *Be warned, you could spend ages over there looking at all the lovely goodies*
I am a huge supporter of Irish business so I was delighted to be given the chance to feature Pixy in my "Christmas With" series. There is a great selection available catering for all budgets....


....Read full beauty post 


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Buy Irish: Pixy Natural Skincare

by adoreabubbles 16/11/12   Blogger

Christmas gift sets

PIXY natural skincare have you covered this Christmas. Their range of products made  from natural ingredients include bath bombs, body oil, lip balm, cuticle balm, soap, bath salt and oils, shower mousse, foot scrubs and the list goes on and on! Having an Irish brand that offers variety is brilliant but it doesn't stop there. The entire range is hand made by local people inMallow, Co Cork. That's what Love Irish, Buy Irish is all about this year. Supporting Irish business which in turn support the local community. ...

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Pixy Christmas Gift Sets

by highlifeofmars  13/11/12   Blogger

christmas present ideas

The minute this set of four bath bombs landed I my door, I knew it was love. The smell radiating from the package was unbelievably gorgeous and made me want to rip open the package immediately! Inside I found four different bath bombs, all wrapped up in some festive red paper and a little bit of holly, which I think was a cute little touch.....


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Winter Winners

by Viva Adonis  13/11/12   Blogger


lip balms

My night-time lip treatment of choice recently has been the Pixy Mint Lip Balm* - it's a straight-up minty and moisturising lip treatment which is perfect...


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Prudent Christmas Ideas:  Pixy Power

by Make Up Monster  12/11/12   Blogger

Irish Gift Sets

Pixy are a wonderful Irish brand promoting a sensational array of scented goodies to delight and pamper us with. All this and they’re very reasonably priced.

First up, the perfect stocking fillers, their gorgeous lip balms! At just €3.99 each, these hard balms are serious contenders for any chapped lips out there and come in an array of delicious flavours, all the better for kissing your loved one under the mistletoe with!...


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My Favourite Oil Based Beauty Products

by Dolly Rouge  09/11/12   Blogger

softening body oil

Kat did a review of this a few weeks back and I am loving it just as much as she did! There isn’t much I can say that Kat hasn’t already;it really is a brilliant beauty product!

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06/11/12 - Star Newspaper 

We're out and a-pout !

Pixy Lip Balms are looking great in the Star Newspaper  +today, page 56.

Pixy Beauty in the Star Newspaper

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Lip Service With Pixy

by Dolly Rouge  06/11/12   Blogger

lip balms lips

Next up in my new lip-care routine are little silver pots of yumminess from Irish brand Pixy. Ice cream inspired flavours mean you will be hard pressed not to lick this balm right off your lips! Enriched with cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil you can choose from Chocolate, Mint, Honey, Strawberry or Coconut. Priced at a very reasonable €3.99 these....

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01/11/12 - Irish Tatlet Magazine - November 2012

Beauty Review from Tatler





 October 2012



 Pixy Pout!

by Joanne larby  31/10/12   Blogger


lip balms

You can get the perfect pout from Pixy.....


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Halloween Beauty Bits - Tried & Tested!

by Leanne Woodful  29/10/12   Blogger


Pixy Softening Body Oil (€7.99): Before I ever used this Body Oil, I fell in love with its potion-like bottle. I'm going through quite an oil obsession at the moment, and I've loved using this after I've had a long bath. The oil contains jojoba, borage seed oil and apricot. The oil helps prevent the loss of elasticity in the skin also, so I tend to use it all over my stretch mark prone areas, to help prevent further stretching! The oil smells beautiful, sinks well into the skin and leaves the skin feeling moisturised for hours after use.

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Pixy Lip Balms 

 25/10/12   WATERFORD TODAY (Pg17)

Pixy's Lip Balms.

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Lip Balms - Tried & tested

by Leanne Woodful  23/10/12   Blogger



These gorgeous lip balms from Irish company Pixy have been a favourite of mine also over the last few weeks. They're so handy to just pop into your coat pocket, your bag etc. The balms come in a simple tin, with straight-forward packaging and the balms themselves are absolutely gorgeous, and instantly hydrating. I personally use the Mint balm the most, as it leaves a gorgeous tingly feeling on my lips, similar to the Carmex balm! These balms are great applied on to already cracked lips, as they really soothe the skin and prevent bleeding and further cracking. For such a great price, you get quite a bit of product in the tub. I can see these lasting me for months and months!


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Give Your Lips Some TLC This Winter With Pixy Natural Lip Balms

by Makeupbuff  19/10/12   Blogger


lip balm reviews

These lip balms are heavenly and will nourish and protect your lips on the harsh winter days to come.
They contain some serious skin loving ingredients like:
  • Cocoa butter to recondition the skin
  • Shea Butter to replenish, protect, moisturise and soften with its high vitamin and fatty acid content.
  • Almond oil which is rich in vitamin E to heal dry and chapped lips.
  • Beeswax to lock in moisture and fight free radicals.



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Luscious Lip Balms

by  19/10/12   Blogger


The latest launch from all natural Irish brand Pixy, these cute little tins of balm are just €3.99 and made with cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and beeswax. The best bit? The flavours are ice-cream inspired – choose from mint, strawberry, chocolate, honey or coconut. Yum!
entire lip collection will understand that because they're metal, you can see them at the bottom of your handbag very easily.  This makes me happy.  Time is money and all.


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by Womans Way Magazine 15/10/12    

womans beauty review

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

by lovelygirliebits  11/10/12   Blogger


Rose cleansing Mud

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Irish brand Pixy and when at the Professional Beauty Trade Show recently, I was delighted to see a stand there, ready for moi to smell all the products and say to CherrySue "Ooh smell this, ooh isn't this nice"?  We both bought some new products to try out and I snapped up the Rose Cleansing Mud after wanting to try it for ages.

Promising to gently cleanse and revitalise the skin with red clay mud, rhassoul clay, buttermilk and vanilla powders, eliminate toxins with kelp powder, tone the skin with rose water and nourish the skin thanks to cocoa powder, I got stuck into my tin.

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Current Body Products

by Viva Adonis  11/10/12   Blogger

body oil

I'm not as good with body oils as I am with lotions. I just find them a bit messier and more cumbersome - but this one is worth it. The oil does exactly what it says on the (seriously cute) bottle - softens my skin. It sinks in a good bit faster than other oils that I've used, but it's still not something I'd use in the morning, just in case! Props also have to go to this product for its jasmine scent - it's divine and I can't get enough of it.
Even the packaging, whilst not strictly practical, is something special and eye-catching. I think it's fairly priced at €7.99, especially considering this is an Irish enterprise (something which I do harp on about, I know, but it is so important to support our own!). If you're looking for something to combat dry skin for the winter months, I think this would be a great product to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable.


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Choccywoccydoodah: Some Delicious (Not literally) Products for Chocolate Week

By cherrysuedointhedo  10/10/12   Blogger

Chocolate Beauty Products from Pixy Natural


Never to be outdone when it comes to naturally beautiful products, have 3 cocoa offerings to tempt your senses: 

Cocoa Shower Mousse: uses shea butter and apricot oil to soften and enrich your skin. Vitamin E and evening primrose oils and cocoa powder keep your skin healthy and supple. 

Chocolate Heaven Bath Bomb: promises a 'sensuous chocolate fragrance' with a sprinkling of gold mica to illuminate your skin. Goat's milk powder softens, exfoliates and cleanses your skin as you luxuriate in a bath of this chocolatey goodness. 

Pixy Chocolate Lip Balm: You'll see my review of this beauty here. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil, once warmed on your lips, this silky soft balm gives you a chocolate hit like no other product I've tried. Gold mica adds a subtle shimmer to your softened lips (but I've not told the eldest that, tis his punishment for pilfering it on me) If you're cutting down on chocolate or trying to combat cravings, you need one of these tins in your mála. 


View Chocolate Beauty Products here 

Introducing Pixy Lip Balms

by lovelygirliebits  09/08/12   Blogger


lip balm reviews

 As the winter creeps in, so does one of the most annoying things in life.  Chapped lips.  And because of this, I am never without an abundance of different lip products.  Seriously, no human being should carry around what I do, but I do because I need and love them all, like little pals at the bottom of my handbag.

These lip balms from Irish company Pixy arrived at mi casa last week and I couldn't wait to get stuck into them, literally.  Coming in little metal tins, they already stand out from the masses of tins I have and only a crazy person who carries aroundher entire lip collection will understand that because they're metal, you can see them at the bottom of your handbag very easily.  This makes me happy.  Time is money and all.


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What a Pucker

by Cuti-CLUE-Les   06/10/12   Blogger

 Chocolate Lip Balm from Pixy Beauty Products

The lipbalms come in five different flavours with each one having it's own description which is a sweet idea:
Chocolate: For chocoholics, delicious and scrummy!
Strawberry: For fruity fanatics, happy and zesty!
Coconut: For tropical sensations, sassy and zingy!
Honey: For honeycomb lovers, soft and sweety!
Mint: For cool and collected, clean and yummy!
Pretty good variety in flavours which is great . I get awful sick of having the one scent all of the time. They come in a little tin with the Pixy logo on the top. The tin is really sturdy and keeps the lipbalm fresh and clean. It looks great sitting on your desk too!

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Naturally Kissable Lips with Pixy Lip Balms

By cherrysuedointhedo  02/10/12   Blogger

Natural Lip Balms from Pixy

True to Pixy form, these balms are made using only the best quality natural ingredients. Each tin of loveliness is based on an ice cream flavour (Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Honey & Mint) and are made using: 

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Beeswax

Though they may take a little warming with your finger to get a good helping of balm (it's because I'm greedy, I know), once applied these moisturising lip lovers leave just the slightest sheen but have an incredible taste. Lips are moisturised, nourished and ready for whatever this season has to throw at them (smooches included).


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Ultimate Girls Day Out 2012 Review

01/10/12 - Irish Tatlet Magazine - October 2012





 September 2012


Pixy Softening Body Oil is my newest skin saviour

by Dolly Rouge  29/9/12   Blogger


beauty oil

 Despite being of the oily skinned variety, and thinking we’d never get along together, this little bottle of golden goodness is my newest obsession. Trust Pixy to come up with an oil even the most sebum-prone person can’t help but adore.
Popping open the (uniquely designed) bottle of Softening Body Oil you’re met with a gorgeous waft of magnolia and jasmine. The perfume is sensuous, yet not overpowering, so you can just as easily slather it on before work as well as before some nice (and naughty!) massage.

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Pixy Skin Softening Body Oil Review!

By The Makeup Buff  26/09/12 Blogger

Pixy Skin Softening Body Oil Review

It smells heavenly too which is always a bonus! It is scented with jasmine and magnolia which makes using it even more luxurious. This has really helped me. I have really dry skin on my arms and legs and this leaves my skin smooth and moisturised. A little goes a long way too! I use a teaspoonful and warm it up in the palm of my hands and it does my arms and my legs....

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Tired and dry skin loves Pixy's Softening Oil 

 26/9/12   WATERFORD TODAY (Pg17)

Pixy's Skin Softening Oil is a wonerful benefit to the skin, the moisturiser enriched with skin-healing powers. This fabulous potion contains a combination of nutritious and nourishing ingredients to improve the condition of your skin.

Skin Softening Oil contains jojoba oil, which is so versatile and very similar to sebum, our skin's own natural oil. Known for improving elasticity, moisturising and protecting the skin, it is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Jojoba oil can be used on all skin types, yes even very oily skin. It is non-comedogenic which means it doesn't block pores and it easily absorbed into the skin......


..... Read complete article

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Review - Body Softening Oil !

by Emma Jane Power  24/9/12   Sunday World Magazine


body softening oil


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U Wish

by U Magazine  23/9/12  

U Magazine must love Pixy!  Featured on page 2 and on their U Wish page 94.

U mag Ireland Beauty

Currently Craving 21/September/2012 (Glowing Body Butter)


by Cuti-CLUE-Les   21/9/12   Blogger


Love body butter, love pixy, need this! 

Pixy Glowing Butter

..... Read complete blog post

Pixy Skin So Soft - Softening Body Oil

by Belle Morte Beauty  10/9/12   Blogger


beauty body oil


The oil smells wonderful - a lovely light, floral scent which isn't overpowering and is very delicate and sensuous.

The oil itself is very light and non-greasy. I hate heavy oils that leave a greasy film after application - who has time to wait around in the mornings before getting dressed to allow oil to fully absorb? This oil sinks into the skin to leave it feeling nourished and moisturised and doesn't feel greasy or sticky.

I've noticed a definite softening effect of my skin since I started using it. You only need a tiny amount - 5ml or thereabouts, so you should in theory, get around 8 uses out of each bottle.

I've also started using this as a cuticle oil and it's been working wonders keeping them from drying out and best of all, it doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hands afterwards either


..... Read complete blog post

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Pixy Softening Body Oil review

by lovelygirliebits  07/9/12   Blogger


beauty oil


The scent.  I may or may not wander in to my bathroom every so often to have a whiff of this delicately scented oil.  With ingredients including jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, apricot oil, borage seed oil amd fragranced with jasmine and magnolia fragrance, I can't get enough of the scent and would buy it in perfume form in a heartbeat!

..... Read complete blog post

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Mini Pixy Natural Skincare Haul and Review!!

By The Makeup Buff  6/09/12 Blogger

Mini Pixy Natural Skincare Haul and Review

Pixy Natural Skincare are an Irish company, established in 2010 and based in Mallow Co.Cork. Here's some info about what they stand for and what they infuse with their lotions and potions:
  • All Pixy's products are handmade using fresh, natural ingredients.
  • Their products contain no parabens and no SLS.
  • They use no animal by-products in the manufacture of their products and they only use ingredients that haven't been tested on animals.
  • They keep the use of packaging to a minimum.
I hadn't tried Pixy before so when I saw their stand at UGDO I just had to pick up a few bits! I purchased their refreshing lime body scrub cubes and a little pick me up for tired feet, the perfect pedi pack!

Read full post


Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel, 

By Olivia Walshe  5/09/12 Waterford Today


Waterford Today Skincare

Read Edition (Page 16)


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Introducing Pixy Softening Body Oil - A Natural Saviour for Dry Skin

By cherrysuedointhedo  04/9/12   Blogger

beauty body oil

Promising to not only nurture but also to nourish the skin, Pixy Softening Body Oil is chock full of natural oils and goodness such as softening Jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, apricot oil, and borage seed oil (just to note that Borage seed oil is actually used to ready the body for labour and delivery so this oil wouldn't be recommended for pregnant ladies). 

The scent is beautifully floral with both jasmine and magnolia, coupled with the soft, non greasy feeling on the skin, Body Softening Oil is a must try for those suffering with eczema or dry skin conditions.


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 01/9/12  IRISH PHARMACY RETAILER - September 2012

We are delighted to have got mentioned three times ! in this months Irish Pharmacy Retailer Magazine. One for our 2012 nominated Peppermint foot cream, an lovely mention of our natural bath bombs and a fabulous write up about our Natural beauty products company Pixy Natural .


irish Pharmacy retailer Pixy     Foot cream mentioned in irish Pharmacy Retailer        Pixy natural Beauty products mentioned in Irish magazine


Go to Press mentions photo page on Facebook to see full image.


New to the beauty zone

  01/9/12  IRISH TATLER MAGAZINE - September 2012





 August 2012



Summer Essentials


by Cuti-CLUE-Les   28/8/12   Blogger

aloe beauty rescue gel     

Pixy natural skincare Aloe rescue gel. One of the best products I have ever used on my cuticles and it smells so fresh. Re-hydrates my cuticles the minute I rub it on and it dries in within a few seconds. 

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Super Scrubs

We are delighted to have got a mention three times on this blog post . Our Rose cleansing mud, our Aloe Vera rescue gel and our mango bliss soap block.


by Viva Adonis  28/8/12   Blogger

lime body scrubs from removing fake tan


Now, on to body scrubs. Pixy Natural appears to be Ireland's answer to Lush, and these Lime Body Scrub Cubes* are something special! These are solid cubes that you run over your skin in the shower for a brillant, refreshing scrub that won't strip or dry out the skin. I love these for getting rid of stubborn patches of fake tan - if you need to do a good all-over scub, you'll need two of them. You get six in a pack, but they're only €4.99 and this is an Irish enterprise, which we all love to support, right?! The only gripe I have about these is the packaging. The plastic bag they come in isn't great for storing them, and I'd love if Pixy came out with their own storage tins like Lush have. You can view a list of Irish stockists of Pixy here and they also sell online. I really like this stuff and can't wait to see what other gems the company come up with!

..... Read complete blog post

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“30 Best Under €30”

by Womans Way Magazine 27/8/12


Womans Way Beauty magazine



"Currently Craving "


by Cuti-CLUE-Les   25/8/12   Blogger

Vanilla Body scrubs    Pixy Magnolia and Jasmine bath oil    Pixy Tough love soap block

I just finished my first pack of these the last day and I love them! I was about to buy more last night along with the other Pixy bits mentioned ...

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Pixy Aloe Rescue Gel

by lovelygirliebits  15/8/12   Blogger


Pixy rescue gel

 It also has Tea tree essential oil that promotes skin cell growth and Lavender essential oil that has deep cleansing and antiseptic properties.  You can really smell the essential oils when you open the tub and the first time I used it I thought I was going to smell like that all day but it faded away quickly enough.  The ectoplasm absorbs into my skin and it's weird, for a viscous/loose gel texture, it spreads really easily and a weeny bit will do my whole arm.  It dries quickly and feels really cooling on contact with the skin...

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Your cuticles will thank me!


by Cuti-CLUE-Les   13/8/12   Blogger

rescue beauty gel

The first thing I noticed when I opened the tin was the smell. It is gorgeous! It's really fresh and natural. The gel is full of aloe vera juice, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. It's the perfect product to use on dry skin. It is great for use after waving or shaving and I'm told by Anne-Marie that it is great for sunburn too. You can actually pop this in the fridge so when it goes on it is really cooling. Added bonus! I have been using this religiously and I have barely made a dent in it!

....Read complete blog post





Review - Aloe Aloe !

by Emma Jane Power  12/8/12   Sunday World Magazine

Cosmetics Review


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Summer beauty essential - Aloe Vera

by Beauty via RTE website 06/8/12 

Cruise the beauty aisles of any natural products store, and you'll wind up thinking that aloe vera is the most widely used ingredient in skin care products today.

It's certainly got the credentials for a star role: The plump, spiky leaf of the cactus-like plant contains more than 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. In fact, one researcher at the University of Texas Health Science Center described aloe as "a pharmacy in a plant."

Aloe vera is one of my favorite all-purpose remedies for cuts, burns, insect bites and any type of skin irritation. It cools and soothes even the most tender skin and creates a natural protective bandage as it dries. Physicians in ancient Egypt prescribed aloe for wounds and other skin problems, and Cleopatra rubbed aloe gel into her skin as a beauty treatment.

I was recently sent out a sample of Pixy Aloe Vera Gel (€10.99) and it is one that I have started to use regularly. I suffer from dry skin and I burn easily. As I test every product on myself, this one for me is a keeper. It soothes and feeds the skin on my legs and has improved the condition of my skin. Works a treat on sunburn too.

..... Read complete  post

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U Style

by U Magazine  06/8/12  


U magazine



Womans Way Magazine

by Womans Way  06/8/12  

 womans way




July Favourites 2012

We are delighted to have got a mention three times on this blog post . Our Rose cleansing mud, our Aloe Vera rescue gel and our mango bliss soap block.


by Cuti-CLUE-Les   05/8/12   Blogger

favourite skincare


really like pixy products :P The aloe rescue gel is one of their latest additions and it is the business! I use this on my hands before doing any swatching and every night before bed  and it works wonders! My skin is in far better condition since using the gel and  my cuticles have never looked better. love this. €10.99

Up next is the Pixy natural Rose cleansing mud. I've never tried a mud cleanser before but this is just amazing. My skin has not been in great form lately and this is really helping to get it back in decent shape. €9.50

 Another Pixy product. The mango bliss soap block is brilliant. I love the smell, it lasts ages and it leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. Definitively going to re-purchase this. I'm going to try the tough love soap slice next! €4

..... Read complete blog post

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 July 2012


Made in Ireland -  Pixy Natural Skincare

by Fluff and Fripperies 31/7/12   Blogger


Made in Ireland Pixy natural skincare

Today, I'm delighted to help spread the word about another fabulous Irish brand. PIXY is Ireland’s answer to LUSH –  a high quality, fun and natural skincare range. All products are made from pure natural ingredients and handcrafted in Ireland. They're rich in natural goodies like unrefined shea and cocoa butters, healing vitamin E and a range of essential oils. The products are fragrant, colourful and fun, but gentle and effective on your skin at the same time. 

With more than 70 products in the range the line is massive, including everything from soaps, gels, bath bombs and shower mousses to body oils, massage bars, scrubs creams and balms. The lime body scrub cubes are to die for – 

..... Read complete blog post

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A Lift for tired feet

by The Star Newspaper  30/7/12


The Star Newspaper

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Minding your tootsies with Pixy Solid Foot Scrub and Peppermint Foot Cream

by lovelygirliebits  25/7/12   Blogger


Feet scrubs


The Solid Foot Scrub (€8.75) is too cute and it's the only foot that you'll see on the blog considering I'm allergic to photos of feet.  It exfoliates your feet thanks to the loofah inside and the peppermint leaves on the bottom of it add a nice fresh scent to the whole experience.  Let's be honest, scrubbing your feet is not one of the best beauty jobs in the world but this little guy makes it a nicer time.  With essential oils like lavender and cedarwood to destress your tootsies and neem and tea tree to keep your toe-toes fresh, you'll have smooth feet in no time.

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Pixy Foot Scrub & Cream - Review

by  Leanne Woodfull  21/7/12   Blogger

Leanne review of Pixy

I was determined to acknowledge my feet once and for all, and I used them on the night I received them. The Solid Foot Scrub is fantastic, it contains a loofah to exfoliate dead skin off of your feet (ew), it actually works and your feet feel beyond smooth after use! The scrub contains cocoa butter to moisturise and tea tree to keep them fresh. I gently scrubbed my feet with this whilst in the bath after a few minutes, when the skin was already soft from soaking in the warm water. 

I applied the Peppermint Foot Cream straight after my bath, and I couldn't help think of the wonderful "Your face smells like peppermint!" line from Mean Girls all through the application (sigh). It smells so delicious that I was tempted to actually have a taste of the cream.. I really wish I was exaggerating. It feels absolutely gorgeous once applied to the skin, it's oh-so moisturising and creamy.


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Review - Pixy's Perfect Pedi

by The Makeup Fairy   19/7/12   Blogger

foot scrub

Pixy's cute packaging is fun and their range includes very affordable fizzing bath bombs, soaps, vibrant shower gels, and their lotions and potions create sheer indulgence leaving your skin glowing and renewed. Pixy use nature’s best in all their products including moisturising unrefined shea butter and healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. They also use essential oils, for their amazing fragrance some energise you, others to bring you back in harmony, calm and soothe away the stress. The Pedi Pack that I was sent is specifically for busy footsies and tootsies and is an all natural treat. Your feet are the most hardworking part of your body; they're constantly on the move and supporting your body weight all day long.   ......

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A treat for my feet

by Prettymeblog  14/7/12   Blogger

pretty me blog foot scrub

The foot scrub comes in the shape of a foot, very cute. It smells great and is full of smoothing scrubbing particles, on the flip side is a smoother coating which leaves your feet feeling silky smooth. 

It really does work straight away, the first time I used the scrub in the bath it made my feet tingle and it really cleaned! 
I then dried off my feet and applied the peppermint foot cream, this is absolutely gorgeous and smells amazing... Again my feet felt fabulous and really smooth. 
It's defiantly the best foot scrub I have ever used, and feet are now holiday ready :) 

Please go and check out the website, there are so many great products at really affordable prices.

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Scrub a dub dub

by Cuti-CLUE-Les   07/7/12   Blogger

body scrubs from Pixy Cosmetics

The packaging is adorable. It comes in a plastic bag with a ribbon decoration. They even go to the effort of twirling the ribbon (You know the way you run a scissors along the side and It makes it go all curly like a pigs tail)I keep my bars in the bag because they can flake a bit and this keep the mess to a minimum and you can use the bits that have flaked off at the end. There is also a bit of sellotape to seal the bag so it arrives fresh. Again they have the company name on the front and a sticker with the ingredients listed on the back. A lovely touch. There is a thin cardboard base which keeps the package standing up so you don’t get any accidents with the bars falling out. It’s simple but well thought out. It looks very pretty and has high end feel making it a lovely present idea! ......

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Smooth Operator: My Faves for Soft, Supple, Summer Skin

by cherrysuedointhedo   05/7/12   Blogger

natural feet scrub

Packed full of cleansers and moisturisers the Pixy Solid Foot Scrub is so much more than simple tootsie soap. It's an experience like no other for tired out piggies. With Tee Tree, neem oils, cedar wood, almond oil and  lavender essential oils all wrapped up in a luxurious loofah of cocoa butter. You'll be moonwalking across your carpet in no time following a scrub with one of these.

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Have you got happy feet?

by Waterford Today  04/7/12   Press

Waterfor today mention of Pixy feet products


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Put your best foot forward with Pixy solid scrub and peppermint foot cream

by Dolly Rouge  01/7/12   Blogger

dolly rouge review of skincare cosmetics

So last night I went the whole hog for my piggies, and treated them to soak n’scrub with my Pixy bits. I thoroughly recommend even the busiest person in the world to take the time to do this, as you’d be surprised how refreshed feet can revive the body and mind. Foot washing was prevalent and ritualised in times gone by, and it’s a shame the practice has fallen by the wayside. [Actually, that's just made me think of a photo I have of my Dad from the 80s - sitting on the kitchen counter in his jocks, washing his feet in the sink. Morto. I think that one will be pulled out for his next birthday party for sure!] So if you’re sitting in front of the telly of an evening, boil the kettle, grab a basin and a towel, and soak your tootsies. If you have them to hand, you could throw in some essential oils, epsom salts, even citrus fruits, to make the experience more spa-like. Your happy feet will thank you for it!......
If you’re in need of a pampering foot treat, look for Pixy Solid Foot Scrub (€8.75) and Peppermint Foot Cream (€9.49)......

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Prudent Potions

by Prudence Magazine  July/August


Prudence magazine mention of Body scrub cubes


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 June 2012



Our logo is flying the flag for Irish jobs

 by Mark Keenan Irish Independent  28/6/12   Press

The bad times have always proved to be good for the 'Guaranteed Irish' logo and home-brand loyalty is a key for growth. By Mark Keenan

THE 'Guaranteed Irish' logo is a 1980s classic for anybody who came of age in that decade. It is right up there with the Lyons' Minstrels who tap-danced across tea bags, the Irish-made Ford Cortina Corrib car and Harp Lager's 'Sally O'Brien' and "the way she might look at you".

When unemployment ran at 20pc, the state-funded campaign was a vibrant national movement and we followed its creed with quasi-religious fervour.

We shopped for jobs and scoured products for the 'GI' ensign. Classroom-indoctrinated children wore the 'GI' badges and badgered their parents if they didn't. 'Guaranteed Irish' was Ireland's 'Dig for Victory.'


Most encouraging for Rea, however, is the new stream of vibrant Irish start-up firms who have followed the multinationals in taking up Guaranteed Irish membership.

Among them are companies like Pixy, a maker of luxury Irish bath products from Mallow, Little Diners, a lunches for creches operation from Rathnew, and Kilbeggan Organic, an oat food company from the town of the same name.

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Pixy Natural

by "You" - Daily Mail Magazine  23/6/12   Press

daily mail you magazine






by  20/6/12   Blogger Body scrub reviews


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Pixy Natural Irish and Affordable

by dollyrouge  19/6/12   Blogger

Natural Lime Body Scrubber Cubes

I used mine to help scrub off a weeks worth of fake tan (fake it ’till you make it ladies!) and I can confirm that Pixy’s Lime Scrubbers are totally EXCELLENT! I love that they’re natural, I love the bang of lime off them and not only that but they actually do what it says on the tin! They scrub the skin but also moisturize at the same time and left my skin nicely prepared for shaving. The oily residue meant I managed to shave my legs and arms without any little nicks and they successfully banished the remnants of my fake tan. They made the bathroom smell pretty spa like too which was an added bonus....

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Review - Fake tan exfoliation in skin preparation

by Emma Jane Power  10/6/12   Sunday World Magazine

Sunday World Pixy Body Cubes


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What's Hot - Beauty Goodies

by Olivia O' Sullivan  09/6/12   Fashion - Limerick Post

Pixy Lime Limerick Post

Recent article in the Limerick Post.

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A Pixy Treat

by Prettymeblog  06/6/12   Blogger

Pixy Lime Scrubbers Blog post

I first noticed the wonderful smell of the little yellow cubes, good enough to eat. I start rubbing my skin paying extra attention to dry patches like elbows and knees. The little cubes starting fizzing away making my skin tingle, it really felt like all my dead skin was being lifted and smoothed off. 

On the other side of the cube is a smooth balm which I glided over my skin once the fizzing had stopped, this left my skin feeling amazing and really soft. It almost felt like something was coating my skin locking in the moisture. Was a lovely feeling.  I was really impressed with how....  Read complete blog post

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The Brains Behind your Favourite Beauty Sites -

by cherrysuedointhedo  05/6/12   Blogger

Pixy Team

 You remember last week I brought you a review of scrumptious, zesty lime body scrubbers from Well this week I have a sneak peek behind the scenes at Pixy HQ so we might get a better understanding of how this Cork based natural skincare company ticks. Having appeared on Dragon's Den in March and turning down Mr Gavin Duffy's offer, Peter Weedle, the founder of, has earned himself the joking moniker of 'Dragon Slayer'. I don't believe that for one minute. Take it away, Peter!

1. What inspired you to set up your site?

PIXY Natural Skincare was set up because we were trying to create an Irish
skincare range that was natural, fun and affordable. The website was
set-up to sell PIXY all over the world.

2. How long have you been beautifying the country?

We started about two years ago, but most..... 
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Pixy Natural skincare company review

by Cuti Clue Les  3/6/12   Blogger

Pixy company review image


Now this just shows how amazing this company really is! Included in the box were 2 bath bombs. I was bowled over by their kindness. Not only do you get the amazing box and delicious smelling products but they also add in a little treat at the end, perfect. Again these smell phenomenal and they look amazing. I love seeing the mixture of ingredients and their.....

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 May 2012




New to Ireland - and their Lime Body Scrub Cubes

by cherrysuedointhedo  24/5/12   Blogger

Pixy Lime AScrubbers Blog post

 The cube melts easily into your skin but lasts long enough to do your bod, cupped in the palm of your hand. Ideally you'd use two per shower if you're wanting to completely exfoliate your legs too. The little scrubbers are neither harsh nor abrasive and work to gently buff the skin. While it doesn't lather, it does wash off quickly and easily without leaving any residue behind. recommend exercising caution in the shower or bath though as they may cause slippery surfaces once done. I didn't have any problems though. Just lightly buffed, freshly scented skin.

To me, looks set to give Lush a run for its money in the Irish market and I'd urge you to give them a look see to see what you think. There are select stockists right now (details online) in Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Tipperary & Waterford but they have a fully stocked website ready for a gander....

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Pixy Lime Body Scrubber Cubes - they smell so good!

by lovelygirliebits  24/5/12   Blogger


Pixy lime Body Scrubs


As I held one in my hand to take the photo below, the heat of my hand started to melt the cocoa butter and oils in the cube slightly.  I took my photos quickly and took this bad boy into the shower.  And that's where the photos end folks, nothing to see here!  I've used the Buffy bar from Lush in the past and found it grand in the exfoliation department but not good in the moisturising department, not to mention storing it.  So I never repurchased it.  The Pixy Lime Scrubber Cubes are the perfect size to bring one into the shower or bath and where they say that one should do your whole body once.  I used half of one last night and that was going over my arms and legs twice, just because....

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March 2012



Review - PIXY Natural Skincare; Rose Cleansing Mud

by  26/3/12   Blogger


Pixy Mud cleansers


When I opened the product for the first time I couldn't believe how natural it looked. I know this might sounds strange as it is completely organic but sometimes natural products look very manufactured. This just looked so raw, like mud from a garden except it smells absolutely gorgeous! 

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 Peter Weedle interview about his time on Dragon's Den

by RTE Television  24/3/12   Blogger

RTE Ireland

Episode 2: Pixy

Q: Explain your Dragon's Den experience? 
A: It was a formidable task but it was very enjoyable. Everyone in the production team was so helpful I could not praise them enough. 

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon? 
A: I don't think there was a toughest Dragon. Surprisingly, I thought they were all very friendly and helpful. Sean ...

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Click to Watch Peter on Dragons Den.



 Cork business to appear on Dragon's Den

by Cork Independent   15/3/12   Newspaper

Pixy Natural Skincare, a Cork-based natural skincare company, will be featured on an episode of RTE's popular TV show Dragons' Den on Sunday 18 March.

In the episode, filmed in January, the dragons evaluated the company's  bath-bombs, soaps and lotions products. Founder Peter Weedle, owner of the Weedle pharmacy group, represented his company in.....

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