Pixy Natural Skincare Soaps

Pixy Natural Skincare Soaps . . . More to them than just Soap!

Pixy Natural Skincare Soaps are so naturally scented, so zingy, so sweet, so fruity, they will transform your bath or shower experience as their magic scents captivate your mind whatever your mood!

Not only gentle and kind to your skin, the baseline for Pixy Natural Soap is made from a new recipe, without nasty chemicals that can dry out your skin contained in other soap brands. Each slice is packed with soap from palm oil and coconut oil, naturally kind cleansing ingredients that create a creamy lather, keeping your skin ultra soft.

Superb value considering the natural goodness in each slice! Oh, and just so you know each slice lasts as long, if not longer than your conventional bar of soap. There are 6 scentsations to soothe or energise your senses in the Pixy Natural Soap Collection:

Citrus Spring, zingy and zesty lifts your senses and lets you start your day in a good mood with the energising scents of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Orange essential oils. Enriched with cocoa butter and olive oil, for super soft skin!

Sweet Treat, with an overture scent of candy sugar created with a good dollop of Vanilla powder, calmed with the undertones of Lavender essential oils. Remember . . . what are little girls made of?

Tough Love, not so tough in pink and blue, more like boy meets girl! Poppy seeds make this slice of bliss work wonders on dead skin, while spicy Geranium essential oil marries the delicate Rose fragrance for a match made in Heaven. Dry skin cells are given a new lease of life with Sweet Almond oil and Honey powder.

Deep Blue Sea without the salt water! The enigmatic scents of Petit grain, Lime and Lavender essential oils refresh the senses, calm and energise the mind. Skin softening Sweet Almond and Avocado oils penetrate deep into the skin enabling the healing properties of Vitamin E oil.

Mango Bliss, so tropical, for a slice of Aruba, Jamaica let the soap take ye! The fruity fragrance of Mango captivates your wits, deletes stress and transports your mind to sunny shores. Also enhanced with the richness of Mango butter and Vitamin E oil for smooth and kissable skin . . . a tantalising experience that goes beyond cleansing!

Oatmeal is shy and sweet, but not so shy when it comes to the romantic tones of sweet Rose fragrance. Combined with a mix of Goats Milk powder and pure Oatmeal that gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin while skin conditioners, Evening Primrose and Vitamin E oils, leave the skin supple and soft to touch.

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