Bath Bombs

Natural, refreshing, moisturising bath bombs from Pixy are hand-made in Ireland. The bath bombs’ gentle fragrance is great for the bath but they are also ideal for a foot spa or for leaving any room or your car smelling fresh.

“Love the Bath Bombs they are soooo luxurious x”  Trace

“The Bath Bombs make my skin so soft & I feel so pampered after :)”  Marianne

“The bath bombs are class – best ever”  Noreen

“I’ve tried several bath bombs and love them all, they’re wonderfully scented and the following day the bathroom still smells sweet :)”  Jinger

“Pixy Bath Bombs are cool and smell really good :)”  Helena

“I’m not a bath person at all, I’ve always preferred showers, but Pixy bath bombs made me go back to relaxing long baths and the bath bombs are just amazing. They are a joy to the senses”  Sharon

“These bath bombs are really special as the scent is relaxing and your skin will be soft and glowing after soaking for a while in these gems 🙂 And the best bit, they are natural, so no nasties in them and of course Irish produced”  Eithne

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