Winter Essentials

The nights are really cold, Winter is certainly here! Say hello to our Winter Essentials. Products designed to keep you looking your best in the dead of Winter.

Our gorgeous Lip Balms will keep your lips pucker-soft and stop that painful, unsightly cracking and peeling.

Keep your fingernails strong and supple with our zingy Lemon Cuticle Balm.

Have a tub of our enriching Hand Cream close by to combat that winter dryness.

Brighten up dull winter skin with our lightly fragranced Glowing Body Butter or Shimmering Body Butter which are whipped up to a light mousse to moisturise easily and leave a gentle glow to enhance your skin or fake tan.

Relax in a lovely warm bath and soak your cares away with our moisturising detoxing Bath Salts.

Gently exfoliate your body, getting rid of all that fake tan with our cheerful Lime Body Scrubs or Lime Body Scrub Bar which moisturise as they clean.

Indulge in our Soothing Body Balm which is whipped up to a light mousse to moisturise easily.

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