Pixy Pedi – Solid Foot Scrub & Peppermint Foot Cream

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We’ve teamed two great products together to give you the ultimate foot treatment, our gloriously cocoa-butter-drenched Solid Foot Scrub which reveals a loofah for really good exfoliation, and our refreshingly zingy Peppermint Foot Cream to leave you walking on air!

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Solid Foot Scrub, Peppermint Foot Cream

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The High Life of Mars – Beauty blogger
29th April 2013

So two weeks back I spoke about the Pixy Lime Body Scrub Cubes, which I picked up at the Cork City Hall Craft’s Fair. Well I also picked up this lovely Pixy Pedi Gift Set. The gift set contains two popular Pixy products, the Solid Foot Scrub and Peppermint Foot Cream.

First up is the Solid Foot Scrub. This product is such a good idea. It is basically a loofah, wrapped up in cocoa butter and essential oils. The essential oils such as citrus, lavender, tea tree and cedarwood gives it a wonderful scent, while also helping it to be antibacterial. The loofah will really help to exfoliate the feet and get rid of any dead skin, while the cocoa butter melts into the skin and moisturises the feet. Not too unlike the Lime Body Scrub Cubes, it is a dual purpose product as it exfoliates and moisturises in one step. Also similar is how slippy it will make your feet and shower floor, so be careful!

The second product in the set, the Peppermint Foot Cream, is probably my favourite Pixy product of all time. Now I am usually not the biggest fan of minty type scents but this product smells amazing. It smells almost exactly like Mint Aero bars, which I love. I honestly think I could layer this product on every night and not get sick of the scent. However it does make me crave chocolate something awful. But besides how awesome it smells, this product is actually really good for your feet. It contains lots of lovely ingredients that help soften the skin while the peppermint essential oil really helps cool down the skin. Which is lovely, if you are after giving the feet a good exfoliation.

So I really love this gift set. I think it’s a brilliant set to get anyone for their birthday or just cause. Both products are winners and at just €16.95, it’s great value too. I think any mother, sister or friend alike would love this as a gift. Or just do what I did and treat yourself!

With Christmas rapidly approaching I thought it would be handy to highlight some nice gifts that you you give (or keep for yourselves 😉 ) this Christmas. I’m going to keep them fairly under budget because it’s hard going, especially in Ireland I know everyone feels like they can’t buy anything good with little money but you can! Trust me!

Cuti-CLUE-Les – Blogger
20th November 2012

First up is the Pixy Pedi gift set. A brilliant Irish company who are relatively new to the market but produce some of the best skincare items I have ever tried.

This kit includes the Solid foot scrub (130g). It looks like a little foot which has 2 purposes. 1) It looks adorable and 2) It’s far easier to keep a hold when working on your feet because of the curves. The solid foot scrub is packed with essential oils, cocoa butter and a loofah which exfoliates and moisturizes all in one step. A brilliant product that helps get your feet in top shape.

Follow on with the Pixy Peppermint foot cream (50g) which is a gorgeously smooth and refreshing. It leaves your feet so soft and smooth. The two work perfectly with each other. As with all Pixy products they are cruelty-free and made made natural ingredients.
Each set costs €16.95. A gorgeous little kit which covers all of your needs in one.

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1 review for Pixy Pedi – Solid Foot Scrub & Peppermint Foot Cream

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    With this foot scrub and peppermint cream I’m starting to like my feet again!! Soo soft now :))

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