Lime Body Scrub Bar – Best Fake Tan Remover Ever!

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4.95 70g


Pixy Lime Body Scrubs are 100% made from natural ingredients.
They come in two versions – a multi-use bar and a pack of 6 single-use cubes (you can usually get 2 uses out of them though!).

Our Moisturising Lime Body Scrub Bars are ideal for removing fake tan. One side of the bar exfoliates, the other side, full of cocoa butter and apricot oil, melts into the skin ensuring soft, silky, smooth skin. Lime essential oil cleanses and purifies the skin, and its scent renews the spirit and the mind! It’s ideal for exfoliating your skin before applying fake tan too and for preparing your skin for an even natural tan!
Great for your body, but don’t use on your face!

This fantastic body scrub is also available in handy cubes

This is a natural product that melts beautifully into your skin, but this means that it will also melt if left in direct sunlight (even in Ireland!) or anywhere where it is too hot so please keep it safe!

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It's easy peasy, just gently rub the scrub onto wet skin concentrating on dry and rough areas. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Avoid eye contact. Great in the shower or bath, but be careful as the bath or shower may be a little slippery afterwards


Cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, apricot oil, citric acid, lime essential oil, limonene*, linalool.* (*natural constituents of essential oils)


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