Velvet Aduki Massage Bar

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Our Velvet Aduki Massage Bar is 100% made from natural ingredients. It is crammed full of rich moisturising cocoa and Shea butters, beeswax to seal the moisture into your skin and easily absorbed jojoba oil which is similar to sebum, the skin’s own natural oil. The bar just melts onto your warm skin. The aduki beans are wonderful to massage your skin, or sore, tense muscles, as the oils soak in. Or try it on any patches of cellulite as the massage helps improve circulation! The lavender and sandalwood essential oils help to relieve stress, calm and uplift you. Ideal to use straight after a bath or shower.

We put it in a tin to make it handier for you!

If you keep the massage bar in the shower, be careful not to let it sit in water – the warm moist conditions may encourage the natural aduki beans to sprout!

This is a natural product that melts beautifully into your skin, but this means that it will also melt if left in direct sunlight (even in Ireland!) or anywhere where it is too hot so please keep it safe!

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Warm the bar by gently rubbing it on the skin. The melted lotion may then be massaged into the skin with the aduki beans or used as a body moisturiser. Avoid contact with eyes.


Cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, adzuki beans, limonene*, linalool.* (*natural constituents of essential oils)


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